MonaVie Taught Me Proper Nutrition

The following are some of the coincidences I have felt since I started drinking acai juice mixed with apricots, blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, pears, bananas, lychee,...

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10 Tips to Becoming a Pro in World of Warcraft

These tips are short and concise - so that's how I want to keep my article. To the point; enjoy! Along with the benefits of...

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Housecleaning Chores that Take 5 Minutes or Less

Do you hate housework? Or are you just short on time? I’ve found that I often avoid doing various chores because in my mind, they are bigger and will take longer than the reality. Often they take only a few minutes, but make a big difference in how my home looks.

To help motivate me, I timed how long it takes to accomplish certain tasks. Proper motivation will be available with theизбор на домоуправител софия for cleaning of the house. With the cleaning, the managers will encourage the client for proper care and removal of dust from the house. It will be effective with the help of the following ways –

 Here is what I found:

  1. Put away the pile of shoes by the front door: 1 minute. No one in my family wears shoes in the house. Consequently, there is always a pile of shoes by the front door. Ideally, everyone would put away his own shoes, but that just doesn’t happen, at least not with any regularity. A pile of shoes by the front door is an unsightly mess, so putting them away makes a big difference in how the house looks. And it only takes one minute!
  2. Emptying the dishwasher: 3 minutes. Often dishes get piled up in the sink because the clean dishes in the dishwasher have yet to be put away. Why procrastinate when it comes to putting the clean ones away when it takes such a short amount of time? Even if I don’t have time to refill the dishwasher right away, at least when I do have time, the dishwasher will be empty.
  3. Putting away groceries: 5 minutes. Obviously, I always immediately put away items that need to go into the fridge or freezer, but I’m often tired when I come home from the grocery store, so the temptation to leave the bags of canned foods and dry goods sitting on the floor for “awhile” is great. If I just push myself and do it right away, in about 5 minutes, the groceries are put away and I no longer have to walk around bags of groceries on the floor. Why procrastinate when something only takes 5 minutes?
  4. Taking newspapers out to the recycle bin: 2 minutes. Newspapers make a house look messy more than almost anything, and it takes so little time to deal with them. Again, why procrastinate when getting them outside of the house takes next to no time?
  5. Taking out the trash: 5 minutes. As long as you’re taking out the newspapers, why not take care of the trash that is in various trash cans throughout the house at the same time? This is especially true if you need to put shoes and coat on to go outside. Do all the little things that require going outside at the same time in order to get more done in less time.
  6. Wiping down the bathroom sinks and toilets (2 bathrooms): 5 minutes. If you use those handy cleaning wipes, you can spruce up two bathrooms in only 5 minutes. What are you waiting for?
  7. Dusting the furniture: 3 minutes. I’m not talking about using lemon oil, but the time it takes to use a good quality ostrich-feather feather duster. You can zip through the rooms in no time, getting the dust off the furniture. Tap the feather duster against your heel to move the dust from the duster onto the floor. Which brings us to the next thing:
  8. Vacuuming: 5 minutes per room. As long as you’ve just dusted, it is a good time to vacuum. If you don’t have time to dust and vacuum the entire house at one time, just do one room. Between dusting and vacuuming, you can have a room spruced up in only about six minutes.
  9. Making the bed: 3 minutes. An unmade bed makes an entire room look messy. Taking just a few minutes to make the bed is one of the quickest ways to spruce up a room, so why not just do it? Besides making a room look a lot nicer, it is much more comfortable to crawl between the sheets of a bed that is made rather than a bed that is a rumpled mess.
  10. Re-shelving books: 3 minutes. Of course, if you have a lot of books to re-shelve, it will take longer than three minutes, but you can put away a lot of books in just a few minutes. Obviously, if you are still reading the book, go ahead and leave it on your nightstand or end table, but if like me, you tend to grow a stack of books, putting them away can make a huge difference in how your home looks.

The great thing about knowing how long these various chores take is that I can chose an amount of time such as 15 minutes and decide which chores are a priority. For some reason, using a kitchen timer and trying to get the chosen chores done in 15 minutes or less really motivates me to keep moving.

If you’re a housekeeping procrastinator like I am, perhaps considering how much can be done in such a short time will motivate you to spiffy up your home. You’ll be glad you did!

A Guide On Dating At The Age Of 30s

Are you already in the 30s demographic but still looking for the one? We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss some tips that will help you in your search for a date. Whether it is a long term or casual relationship you are looking, we are here to help you. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Point out what your intentions right at the start

To refrain from wasting time and effort in getting mentally linked to a person that you do not want, it is recommended that you state your intentions as soon you connect with each other. State if your goal is to settle down and have kids. Say if you just want a casual relationship. To further filter the person that you meet, you can write what you expect from a partner in your онлайн запознанства profile.

Doing this might turn off some people, however, it will save you much time. At the age of 30, you should be conserving as much time as possible, especially when looking for a potential partner.

  1. Do not be pressured

When you are already in your 30s, you might be feeling anxious about not finding “the one.” Do not give in to the pressure. Being pressured will only guarantee that you will make bad decisions. Do not rush things, and just go with the flow. Do not act fast when meeting someone who is a good fit for your dream partner. Take time to know the first, especially if you are looking for a long term partner.

  1. Break your dating rules

When you are in your 20s, you might be picky about who to date, and what personality that they might have. When you are in your 30s, stop being picky, and try experimenting with other personality types.

The Evolution Of Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology that is used by bitcoin in order to process any transaction is one of the most versatile technologies with amazing prospects. It is used by trading platforms such as the Bitcoin Revolution in order to make their network more secure. As not everyone is familiar with this platform you can click on the Bitcoin Revolution is a cloned scam and see the honest ratings and reviews of this application. 

Coming back to the blockchain technology that has been adopted by different industries, here we are with the top reason why blockchain technology is really popular and what this tech offers to its users. 

  • The most popular reason why blockchain technology is really popular is because of the transparency it offers to its users. As blockchain tech is used by any business, it allows all the users that are there on the network to add more data to the chain in the form of blocks. However, once the data is added there is no possible way to delete or edit that data. This way with the implementation of this technology you can make your data tamper proof. 
  • As anyone that is there on the blockchain network can send and receive payment, there is no need for the users to pay hefty transaction fees to banking institutions. Moreover, these transactions are more efficient and quicker as compared to other modes of transfer. 
  • The decentralization of power among the user is another lucrative factor that leads to the rise of this tech. With blockchain, you get data security as every transaction on the network is validated by the whole network. This way even if some of the information from the network is leaked only a small amount of data is compromised. 
  • Lastly, the users that are there on the network gets full control of the network. They can customize the network according to their business requirement. That way they can make their network more personalized and grow their business more effectively. 

These are the factors that are responsible for the rise in the popularity of blockchain technology.

10 Tips to Becoming a Pro in World of Warcraft

These tips are short and concise – so that’s how I want to keep my article. To the point; enjoy! Along with the benefits of the ranked level, proper information should be available with the players about Lvl 30 Unranked LoL Account. A comparison can be made among the rank and unranked level of the video game to the players.

  • Try and be more situationally aware:

Whether it be PvP or PvE, acknowledging what’s going on around you can be gamebreaking. To call out that mob that just broke out of CC in party chat can save your group a wipe.

  • Take advice from everyone :

Even though you may think you are better than a certain someone: You very well might be: but you aren’t perfect, and they might contain and extra piece of information needed to top off some knowledge.

  • Research things you aren’t sure about but you know are important:

I.e. enchants, gem choices: 99% of WoW players judge a book by its cover.

  • Give the odd piece of advice when playing with others  :

the random fact you know could be useful in your current situation. Presented politely, you could make a big impression on the receiving end.

  • Be ruthless :

Whether a guild leader, officer or party leader, decisions need to be made. Just because your friend is a balance druid and wants in doesn’t mean your group will still be successful with him: WoW doesn’t work like that.

  • Try to make impressions :

Believe it or not, word of mouth travels quickly on every server. Top guild leaders know each other and if you look like a valuable asset you will have authoritative people competing for you.

  • Read up beforehand on almost everything :

Whether it be a raid, 5-man instance or an application of some sort, beforehand knowledge is key. That rogue with 7k HP asking for an I nvite to Heroic Magister’s terrace might be a good idea to armory than to invite.

  • In PvP:Understand your opponent :

This means whatever class you are and whatever class you are facing: make sure you have knowledge of the situation and have your actions under control. This may be fleeing, staying to fight or staying to fight until a certain point and then making a run for it. Either way, make sure you know what you are going to do.

  • Spend time actually in-game :

I know many people who spend more time researching and chatting about the game than actually playing it, and trust me, they aren’t the pro players you hear about. Real life is a good analogy here: you can only read up on so much. Much of your knowledge will actually be developed in-game.

  • And for my final tip: have patience :

Whether it be with noobs in an attunement run, or with lag spikes losing you matches in arena, frustration never leads anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Analyze the situation, think about a rational solution and execute it: losing your nerve can get you into really, really, bad situations.

Increase Your Chances of Landing the Right Job

Hi, my name is Daniel and I have been in the hiring business for many years. I have read thousands of resumes both online and on paper. Some I’ve chuckled at, some just really pissed me off and some hit the trash can without even opening. These tips are guaranteed to increase your chances of landing that dream job. I will be adding more and more content so your 1 time donation will help cover my time devoted to improving your chances of getting a job so if you are ready, let’s dive in…..

Let’s face it. In this day and age making a good impression IS still important if you are in the job market. However most of us drop the ball when it comes to a first rate eye catching resumes that can make the difference between job and jobless. I have been in the resume making business for several years and it’s sad to see some of the mediocre resumes that have come across my desk. These people are overly qualified for the positions they are pursuing but a poorly written resume can spell the difference between a job interview and the unemployment line so let’s dive in with some REALLY helpful tips for the serious job applicant.

* In present day a lot of employers accept resumes online with email. Here is a very important tip. Your email address. If I’m a perspective employer and I receive resumes from dixiechick@*****.com or born_tobe_wild@*******.com believe me I have already started to form an impression on this individual. I know, can’t judge a book by it’s cover right? WRONG!!! Sometimes I will send it to the trash bin.

WHY? If a person can’t be serious enough to have a professional sounding email address, what does this say about their work ethic? Pass up a perspective employee. Maybe this was the one. Hey, the job market is tough nowadays, there are plenty of perspective employees to choose from believe me. Hey if you’re applying for a job where the requirements aren’t so stringent, will probably get you the job. Big business nowadays demands professionalism. Plenty of providers out there. Sign up for gmail, put some thought into an email address.

The reviews and ratings of the hr system software should be available as seen in hr techmap. The services should contribute in the growth and development of the business enterprise.

* Moving on. I have noticed that attention to detail is lacking in a lot of applicants. Example, we had a job opening we posted on craigslist. We specifically indicated NOT to attach a resume, to check their spam folder in case it ended up there and a couple other requirements. What did we get? 95% of the applicants attached a resume. Attention to detail was spelled out at the very beginning of the message. DUH!!! Who got the job? The person that replied as follows. “I am replying to your email and did not attach a resume. Please tell me what I should do next and by the way, it will be so rewarding for me to join your organization.” Hey, they paid attention and showed genuine interest.

* Another consideration is what job you are applying for. I myself had several different resumes tailored to whatever position I was applying for. Don’t drown your future employer with a 20 page resume detailing every aspect of your experience for the position. Hit the high points, be detailed and concise.

* No pictures. This is like age. It is not required and lets the employer form an opinion based solely on resume content. Always put thought into what you say in your resume, in your email response and subsequent follow up messages if any. Do not give out information that is not required. Some resumes I have read not only have phone numbers but SS#’s also. If you are hired that information will be required at that time, NOT before. Our company does all of its hiring online. We maintain a database with perspective employees. I or we do not have time to hand read each resume. The database is structured to our needs and allows us to read resumes in a more efficient manner due to the recognition system we use to filter through them.

* Grammar. Want to make an impression? “I’m a hard worker and ain’t no slacker.” What’s wrong with this sentence? Proper grammar is very, very important. Spelling and punctuation also. “I am a hard worker and very dependable.” A few words can make a difference between what? Yes, job and jobless.

How to Properly Groom a Shetland Sheepdog

If you own a shetland sheepdog, you know how time consuming grooming can become. Sure, you want your dog to have a healthy, clean and tangle-free coat. Unfortunately, with today’s busy schedules, sometimes things get out of hand – you didn’t brush your dog one week and one thing lead to another and now your sheltie’s beautiful coat is a tangled mess. Here are some tips and tricks on how to avoid the snarled mess that can be a sheltie’s coat.

If your dog has already gotten to the point where he or she is a tangled mess, it may be best left to a groomer to straighten things out. If possible, see if your local groomer will allow you to sit in the session and give you tips for keeping your dog’s coat free of tangles. Also ask for recommendations on which brushes are best suited for your pup’s coat.

When you have a young sheltie, it presents a great opportunity to begin weekly grooming. Scheduling a weekly groom, even if only for a few minutes, will help you get into the habit of grooming your dog on a weekly basis – thus producing less trips to the groomer’s and of course, keeping more money in your pocket.

Either way, once your dog has been properly groomed or re-groomed, you’ll be able to keep their coat healthy and snarl free.

When grooming a sheltie, it’s best to start with a large toothed comb. Using a comb first will help you remove any large tangles from the rest of the fur. Progressively move from the combing stage into a de-shedding tool. Your sheltie has a thick under coat that can cause major shedding and tangles if not properly groomed. Finding a quality de-shedding tool that suits your sheltie can prove to be difficult and by far one of the most expensive brushes you may purchase for your dog.

Keep in mind that while you may spend between $50 and $100 on a quality de-shedding brush, you are saving yourself hundreds of dollars in grooming fees down the road.

You can finish up by using a regular brush on your sheltie, to double check for any further tangles or snarls you may have missed. It may be a time consuming task, but sitting down with your sheltie once or twice a week can help save you a significant amount of cash over the course of your beloved pup’s life.

Also, when grooming your dog you should also consider brushing their teeth and cleaning out their ears. Again, if you get into the habit of cleaning out ears and brushing teeth after you’ve groomed your pet – then you’ll again be saving yourself a lot of money, especially at the vet (because you won’t need to have your pup’s teeth cleaned – which can become pricey with age.)

Keeping your sheltie well groomed will help save you a large amount of cash – and who doesn’t like saving money? If you compare the price of that to the colmars exotic pet care services, you will appreciate the big difference.

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen

Whether you are thinking about painting just the walls or the entire kitchen including the cabinets, a Caribbean style kitchen is really fun and bright. Behr paint colors can be used to create a Caribbean style kitchen that is island-inspired and brings a taste of the Caribbean into your home. Here are the best Behr paint colors to use when painting the kitchen Caribbean style that you can order from at really affordable prices which will help you in changing your kitchen according to your preferences. 

Remember, these Behr paint colors can be used throughout the home to bring Caribbean style to any room. Behr paint colors can also be used to paint the kitchen cabinets and the walls to really bring out the Caribbean feel in the room. Experiment and take care in knowing that paint is the one home project that can quickly and easily transform a room into the room of your dreams on a budget!

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Poppy Glow is a bright orange that really is the Caribbean inspired. This color looks so great in the kitchen and it will really just add some inspiration to any room of the home. Think of the Caribbean flowers such as bright tropical lilies and the orange pollen that is in the centers…that’s the Behr paint color, Poppy Glow! Try using this Behr paint color on the main wall of the Kitchen or just for the knobs of the kitchen cabinets for a really Caribbean inspired accent.

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Sugar Plum is a deep and rich purple paint color from Behr paints. This color is perfect for one main wall to bring out the bright hue of Poppy Glow. It also makes a great color for a backsplash in the Caribbean style kitchen. Sugarplum also pairs well with pinks and greens for a Caribbean style bedroom or little girl’s bathroom.

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Strawberry Freeze is not the pink that you would think of when talking about strawberries. This Behr paint color is actually a nice soft green tone that is similar to the tops of the strawberry. This color is really perfect for the walls of a Caribbean style kitchen because it is bright but also a bit subdued. Paired with Poppy Glow, Strawberry Freeze adds a calmness to a Caribbean style kitchen.

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Ultra White is the final tone from Behr for a Caribbean style kitchen. This color is white but it’s white with an attitude! Ultra White is one of the crispest and clean Behr paint colors in the collection. It’s perfect for the cabinets in the kitchen if you wish to only accent the knobs with some bright hues. Ultra White from Behr paints is like those really crisp and clean curtains that blow in the wind in a Caribbean bungalow!

MonaVie Taught Me Proper Nutrition

The following are some of the coincidences I have felt since I started drinking acai juice mixed with apricots, blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, pears, bananas, lychee, wolfberries, bilberries, camu camu, acerola, kiwis, and cranberries. I can sleep the entire night without waking up. I have reduced my allergy medicine greatly. I do not need to use my shiatsu back massage chair for my bad back because it no longer hurts.

From now on until I die when I am 122, I will enjoy my life knowing that I am getting the proper nutrition. Instead of going to the store to buy 20 separate products which would run up a monthly bill of $250, I can buy a synergistic blend at the wholesale price of $130 plus shipping. Yes I know that some of the price is to account for paying members and for the recycled glass bottle. But a lot of that money is sent back to Brazil to help the people who are less fortunate than others. Some of that price also pays for the cost of bringing the highest quality fruit from all over the world. Does anybody know where to get bilberries? Ireland, Poland and Scotland are my guesses. Now studies have shown that bilberry can reduce or reverse effects of macular degeneration.

I think it is well worth the money to buy wild organic fruit if it will lower your health care (which is actually sick care) costs in the future. There are studies predicting that 50% of males will get cancer by the time they are 50 and 33% of females will get cancer by their 50th birthday. This is mainly because of the lack of nutrition in our diets along with all the pollution caused by technology. Cancerous cells are forming every second of every day in our bodies. This is also referred to as oxidative stress. I hate oxidative stress! How can I fight it? Eat foods full of phytonutrients, polyphenols and essential fatty acids. But you don’t know what foods have those things. I’ll tell you. Fruit! The top fruit is the acai berry. Where can you get it? Brazil. What? You can’t fly to Brazil and get it. Then you won’t be able to get camu camu for Vitamin C either. It is actually pretty easy to get these fruits if you know a MonaVie distributor.

Now if a distributor offers someone a free taste, should they take it or should they decline and say “I have to ask my doctor if it is okay.” They should take it. Doctors are experts at prescribing drugs to cure ailments. That is their business. They rarely have the background knowledge of nutrition. Plus I doubt that people ask their doctors if it is okay to eat fruit. God made fruit and he made people. Therefore I see no reason for people to reject a free taste unless they are allergic to fruit.

I can see two main reasons why people are so pumped about MonaVie. First is the health benefits and owning a business is the second reason. Most people like to eat convenient foods full of partially hydrogenated soybean oil. This is just as bad as breathing cigarette smoke. It is slowly killing you. The first thing to reverse this process is to cut back on your consumption of processed cheap foods and drink Monavie. The fruit in MonaVie is grown where there are no roads and pollution. Particles of metal are normally measured in parts per million. But in MonaVie fruit, the particles are measured in parts per billion because they are so insignificant. As for the business portion of MonaVie. It is perfectly positioned in the right market according to financial genius Maria Ramirez. Economist Paul Zane Pilzer also predicts that most of the new millionaires in the next ten years will make their money in the wellness industry and network marketing. For relevant topics about diet and nutrition, you can visit this website: It aims to educate people about the healthy way of proper diet. This website is one of the most reliable and helpful platforms that upholds healthy lifestyle.

Coach Maggie Evening Leather Handbags: The Newest Collection

Add a little shimmer and sparkle to your designer handbag collection this season with the newest collection of Coach Leather handbags. The New Maggie Coach Evening Leather handbag collection features classic leather designs, shiny patent leather patterns and vibrant metallic material. Here are a few of the newest handbags from the New Coach Maggie Evening Leather handbag collection.

New Maggie Metallic Large handbag

Be dazzled and look fabulous in the New Coach Maggie Metallic Large handbag. This luminous designer handbag has a zip top closure, practical cell phone pocket, beautiful fabric lining, inside zip pocket, multi functional pockets, ring clip/keyfob, allover crackled metallic pattern, signature Coach hanging logo tag, short leather strap and side tassels. The New Coach Maggie Metallic Large handbag is made of leather and metallic material with silver hardware. This striking handbag is available in colors platinum and gunmetal.

The Newest Collection of Coach Maggie Evening Leather Handbags: New Maggie Metallic handbag

The New Coach Maggie Metallic handbag is a stunning accessory that will make any outfit sparkle. This stylish designer handbag has a lovely fabric lining, inside zip pocket, ring clip/keyfob, useful cell phone pocket, allover crackled metallic design, multi functional pockets, zip top closure, double metallic leather handles, signature Coach hanging logo tag and long side tassels. The New Coach Maggie Metallic handbag is made of leather with metallic material and silver hardware. This stunning leather handbag is offered in the colors platinum and gunmetal.

New Maggie Patent Leather handbag

Look polished and classy in the New Coach Maggie Patent Leather handbag. This gorgeous designer handbag includes a convenient zip top closure, charming fabric lining, ring clip/keyfob, practical cell phone pocket, inside zip pocket, double leather handles, soft leather texture, multi functional pockets and signature Coach hanging logo tag. The New Coach Maggie Patent Leather handbag is made of patent leather with silver hardware. This eye-catching designer handbag is available in the colors graphite, winter white, and cobalt.

New Maggie Coach Ruby Hobo handbag

Let your fashion sense shine with the New Maggie Coach Ruby Hobo handbag. This flattering designer handbag has a trendy hobo design with ruby accents. The New Coach Maggie Ruby Hobo handbag includes an inside zip pocket, lovely fabric lining, ring clip/keyfob, two front outside pockets, useful cell phone pocket, roomy multi functional pockets and signature Coach hanging logo tag with satin design. This pretty designer hobo handbag is made of leather with metallic leather trim. The New Coach Maggie Ruby Hobo handbag is available in the color camel.

A mere luxurytastic vs designer discreet review is not enough to speak about leather handbags in their entirety, especially if the brand is as reputable as Coach Maggie and the newer collections will definitely add another feather in its cap. Let’s see how the collections fare in the coming few weeks in order to prove its worth amongst the users.

Grant Writing For Funding Nonprofits

There are millions of dollars in grant money available in the form of grants from foundations, charities and government agencies if your non-profit can successfully complete the grant writing process. There are four basic steps for successful grant writing.

  1. Find the right funding organization
  2. Research the funding organization and previous grants
  3. Give them what they want
  4. Submit on schedule

Finding the right organization

There are many on-line directories of funding organizations. Foundation Grants On-line, is a paid site that lists detailed information about each granting organization. Google and Yahoo both have free directories of funding organizations.

For government grants go to . Although this directory takes some time to decipher this is where Economic Recovery funding opportunities will be posted. Your nonprofit will need to go through a detailed registration process to get funding through There are also individuals and local charities that can provide funding, often with a less formal grant writing process. Contact your local United Way to find out about possible opportunities

Granting organizations offer grants for specific purposes, to certain types of organizations and sometimes in certain geographic regions. Before doing any grant writing make sure they provide funding in your area, to your type of nonprofit and for the purpose your nonprofit seeks funding.

There is always a give and take policy as far as funding is concerned and nonprofit organizations anyhow require it every now and then as they exist for specific purposes without the government sanctions to finance them and dictate terms as per convenience. For those who are not too familiar with grants can very well take a win rfp training that will teach them the basics of it and help them in understanding the concept better.

Research the funding organization and previous grants

Be sure to visit the funding organization’s website before beginning any grant writing. Once there, carefully read the purpose of the funding organization, grant writing guidelines and suggestions they offer for successful grant writing to their organization. Make sure they offer funding in the city or region where your nonprofit is located, that they will fund the type of projects for which your nonprofit seeks funding and that you understand any other grant writing requirements and funding restrictions. If it is available, look at a list of the previous year’s funding.

Determine if projects similar to your nonprofit’s are likely to be funded in the amount your nonprofit is requesting.

Many organizations require matching funds and some may have restrictions on where that funding comes from. If matching funds are required, determine if your nonprofit can provide appropriate matching funds or in-kind matches. You want to do everything you can to make sure your nonprofit and the funding organization are a match before putting in the time and effort required for grant writing.

Previously successful proposals may be available for you to review. If they are, look at them carefully. If not, review funded proposals to see how they are similar to or different from your nonprofit project.

Give them what they want

Before doing any grant writing you need to make sure your nonprofit have a worthy project. What is your nonprofit’s story? Why should a funding organization give your nonprofit money? Does everyone involved buy into the project? Do you have permission of the head of your nonprofit organization to go after the funding? Look here for tips for proposal writing for foundations. The National Institutes of Health has information on the process of submitting government grants.

The funding organization may require a letter of inquiry prior to the submission of the completed grant proposal. In your letter or inquiry describe your nonprofit’s project, make a good case for the need for the project and request an invitation to submit a complete grant proposal. The letter should not be long and wordy, but do provide enough of a description to make the need, purpose and scope of the project clear.

When your nonprofit qualifies or is invited to submit a proposal, print out the grant writing guidelines and keep them by your side as you begin to write your nonprofit’s grant. Format the grant according to the grant writing guidelines so it will be easy for the decision makers to score your proposal. Make your grant writing active and interesting. The funding organization will be looking over a large number of proposals and easier to read, better written grants will be the ones that get the most attention. If the funding is important to your nonprofit it is wise to team up with one or more other people involved in the project in the grant writing effort.

The first part of your nonprofit’s grant submission may be a form or several forms. Fill them out clearly and completely. The funding organization will scan these forms and reject any grant application that does not have properly filled out forms. Next will be a narrative in which you will describe your nonprofit’s project. This is the heart of grant writing. Make it come from your heart. You will need background information, a description of the project, your nonprofit’s credentials or ability to do the project and a clear statement of why the project is needed. There may be more requirements in the grant guidelines. You will also need a budget for the project and for your nonprofit organization as a whole. If the funding organization requests an audited financial statement be sure to provide it. Finally you will need any supporting documents that the funding organization requests or that will support the need for your nonprofit’s project. Some funding organizations allow an unlimited number of supporting documents while others have a specific and limited list.

Submit on Schedule

In grant writing the schedule may be the most important element. Your nonprofit will not get the grant if you submit after the deadline. Some funding organizations have a single deadline per year for a specific type of grant, others have more than one or provide grants on an ongoing basis. Some organizations will accept proposals for a given project type only between two specified dates while others will accept proposals year round. Be aware of opening dates and submission deadlines before beginning the grant writing process.

Grant writing takes time, so be sure to plan ahead and allow enough time to complete a worthy proposal and get all the supporting material. A hastily written grant proposal is often missing key elements, or is not persuasive or well written. Be sure to have someone else review and proofread your nonprofit’s grant proposal before you submit it. Grant writing is a straightforward kind of persuasive writing, but one that takes time and effort to be successful.