10 Tips to Becoming a Pro in World of Warcraft

These tips are short and concise – so that’s how I want to keep my article. To the point; enjoy! Along with the benefits of the ranked level, proper information should be available with the players about Lvl 30 Unranked LoL Account. A comparison can be made among the rank and unranked level of the video game to the players.

  • Try and be more situationally aware:

Whether it be PvP or PvE, acknowledging what’s going on around you can be gamebreaking. To call out that mob that just broke out of CC in party chat can save your group a wipe.

  • Take advice from everyone :

Even though you may think you are better than a certain someone: You very well might be: but you aren’t perfect, and they might contain and extra piece of information needed to top off some knowledge.

  • Research things you aren’t sure about but you know are important:

I.e. enchants, gem choices: 99% of WoW players judge a book by its cover.

  • Give the odd piece of advice when playing with othersĀ  :

the random fact you know could be useful in your current situation. Presented politely, you could make a big impression on the receiving end.

  • Be ruthless :

Whether a guild leader, officer or party leader, decisions need to be made. Just because your friend is a balance druid and wants in doesn’t mean your group will still be successful with him: WoW doesn’t work like that.

  • Try to make impressions :

Believe it or not, word of mouth travels quickly on every server. Top guild leaders know each other and if you look like a valuable asset you will have authoritative people competing for you.

  • Read up beforehand on almost everything :

Whether it be a raid, 5-man instance or an application of some sort, beforehand knowledge is key. That rogue with 7k HP asking for an I nvite to Heroic Magister’s terrace might be a good idea to armory than to invite.

  • In PvP:Understand your opponent :

This means whatever class you are and whatever class you are facing: make sure you have knowledge of the situation and have your actions under control. This may be fleeing, staying to fight or staying to fight until a certain point and then making a run for it. Either way, make sure you know what you are going to do.

  • Spend time actually in-game :

I know many people who spend more time researching and chatting about the game than actually playing it, and trust me, they aren’t the pro players you hear about. Real life is a good analogy here: you can only read up on so much. Much of your knowledge will actually be developed in-game.

  • And for my final tip: have patience :

Whether it be with noobs in an attunement run, or with lag spikes losing you matches in arena, frustration never leads anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Analyze the situation, think about a rational solution and execute it: losing your nerve can get you into really, really, bad situations.