Clean the pistol: Useful tips for better pistol cleaning

To make sure that the pistol works properly when needed, it needs proper cleaning and maintenance. With time, the pistol may contain oil lube gunk or dirt that needs to be cleaned as these residues may hamper the pistol’s functioning. Below are some tips that may help with proper cleaning without damaging the firearm.

Avoid steel tools

The cleaning tools such as brushes and rods should not be made of steel. It may scratch surfaces, and the shavings can get inside the gun. For cleaning, brass tools are the best as it is soft and durable. Avoid steel tools completely.

Special care to the crown

The crown is the muzzle part of the gun. If damage happens to the crown, then the ejection of the bullet may default. It may deviate from its shooting path, hampering the accuracy. The crown is really important for shooting accuracy. Thus, while cleaning it, use brass tools and not steel. For pistols, start from the chamber end, and for revolvers, carefully use the tools from the muzzle end.

Nook and crannies

When cleaning, remember to clean every nook and cranny because these are the places where the gunk or crud gets accumulated after every shot is fired. And if not cleaned properly, then it may lead to the gun malfunctioning. Sometimes to properly clean the gun, a field stripping may not be enough and requires complete disassembly to get the buildup. So if necessary, disassemble the firearm and clean it using the right tools.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners

Abrasive cleaners like crocus cloth, scouring pads, or sandpaper may reduce the cleaning time, but it also damages the product’s finish and surface. So when cleaning a pistol, especially one made of titanium, abrasive cleaners should not be used.

A gun should be cleaned even if it has been sitting on the nightstand for some time so that when required, it can function properly. One can make cleaning easier by using lead-free primers as per the This makes the gun less dirty in the first place and helps in cleaning residues easily.