Fendi Handbag: How to Spot a Fake

When you invest some of your hard earned cash into a designer handbag, it better be real. Knockoffs often look like the real thing at a fraction of the price and also quality. It can be tough to spot a fake Fendi bag but with this knowledge, it should become a lot easier. The top replicated Fendi handbag styles are: Spy bags, hobo bags, and baulotto bags. These tips will help you separate fake Fendi handbags from authentic ones.

  1. Stitching

Take a good look at the stitching on the bag. It should be near perfect. Fake Fendi bags will have loose or missing stitching. They should be evenly spaced apart. The color of the thread should match the color of the bag. The word “Fendi” is often stitched in tiny letters on the lining of the bag. A fake Fendi bag will have lining glued on so make sure the lining is stitched. To detect the fake quality, information will be available at ameyawdebrah blog. An account can be created and checking can be made at the materials of the bags. The selection should be done after a consult with the experts. 

  1. Hardware

All the hardware on an authentic Fendi bag match in both color and sheen. All the hardware should be covered in a plastic cover that it only removed after it is bought. All hardware has “Fendi” engraved, not embossed or printed, on it. All buckles or zippers on the bag will have either the Fendi logo or name punched out.

  1. Materials

The price from a designer bag comes from the quality of materials. The lining is often satin or leather and has a nice sheen to it. Smell the bag. Fake Fendi handbags will smell like chemicals; authentic Fendi handbags smell like the material the bag is made of, usually calfskin, lambskin, goatskin, or patent leather. Look at the bag’s strap. Even if it looks plastic, the bag can still be real because some Fendi bag straps are coated to look like plastic. All real bags have a leather core. It’s easiest to see this core by look at the edge of the strap near the stitched joint.

  1. Authenticity card

Real Fendi bags come with a card that has the Fendi logo, product description, article number, and a “Made in Italy” printed on it. This card will often include a magnetic strip and bar code.

  1. Tags

Newer Fendi bags now come with leather tags and holograms which can be found by flipping the pocket inside out. The leather tag will have the serial number (a total of 16 letters and numbers) embossed on it, rather than being printed on the surface. The hologram is found on a tag directly opposite the leather tag, sewn in the inner lining of the bag, and will have its own series of numbers and letters on it. One side reads in Italian and English: “The label guarantees the authenticity of this garment”.

Those are tips to help spot a fake Fendi bag but also consider other things like the how reputable the seller is. If you’re buying this bag of the back of a truck, it’s obviously not real. Places like flea markets, eBay, and kiosks in malls rarely sell real goods. Price is also a good indicating factor. Authentic Fendi bags can range from $500 to a few thousand dollars, depending on the size and style of the bag. The best place to buy an authentic Fendi bag is from an actual Fendi boutique.