For Job Hunters: Try a Social Networking Job Referral

The job hunt can be paralyzing. Updating your resume, finding the right industry, searching for open positions, and contacting your past references for recommendations can take up a significant portion of the total time on your job hunt, and be the root of a lot of job search anxiety! Online database search sites such as Monster and Careerbuilder have changed the way people search for and find jobs, as well as providing employers with some unique tools to find the right match. Job matching online is similar to dating sites, complete with profile management, sourcing for keywords, creating a matching results list, and then making your selection.

Job hunters can easily scour through the web’s assortment of sites, and new aggregator sites such as are now creating a megaboard of job listings by offering a larger search engine for all jobs posted. lets you increase your pool of potential jobs by searching through multiple sites including Monster, Careerbuilder, Yahoo! HotJobs, and even Craigslist at once. However, the next step is often the most crucial; matching you up with the right employer, and having the employer contact you out of all other candidates and applicants.

Jobster is a Web 2.0 site that is revolutionizing the way people search, find, and post jobs. Jobster works with companies directly to create a complete referral platform that ‘fishes’ for candidates. Think of it as the corporate equivalent of referring employees. In many large corporations, HR departments work hard to maintain a level of internal advancement by selecting and promoting from within. They do this by qualifying their applicants, obtaining internal referrals from their department, and then making the necessary decisions. Different pictures will be uploaded at the online site to attract the attention of the customers. Buy Instagram likes for your pictures at cheap prices from the well-established websites. The selection and promotion of the products will be effective for the person.

Jobster imitates this process on a large scale; employers, usually the HR manager or department, create a unique web platform for the company. They can then post open positions and begin cultivating a network. The company does this by sending out pre-templated e-mails and to their entire contact list, and by doing so, creates a very targeted recruitment effort. This goes beyond a basic job posting, as the people who now know of the open position have likely already made contact with the company in some way. If an internal employee ‘knows someone perfect for the job’, they simply forward the e-mail to the potential candidate. That e-mail is tracked through the Jobster interface, and can be ‘watched’ by the HR department as it moves along the channels. When somebody replies to the posting, HR can easily see who referred them, where the initial source came from, and determine the value of that referral for the next job placement steps.

Jobster is taking job referrals and networking to the next level. Companies that make use of the service can gain significant advantages over a standard job posting. Not only do they have complete control over managing their postings and listings, but they can literally ‘watch’ their pool of candidates over time, find out who is making the referrals, and build a comprehensive database of pre-screened candidates to choose from. With today’s Web 2.0 technology, Jobster has created a system that fits with today’s social networking models on the web. When you’re on the job hunt and need referrals, connecting with people through Jobster makes it incredibly easy to network faster through the right channels. You gain significant advantage over other people applying through the job when the HR department can see you’ve been referred by an internal employee, have posted a resume through their network, or are even applying for other company positions. The platform is user-friendly, cost-effective, and a great way to find the right match in a speedy, efficient format.