Getting Started With Your DIY Container Home Construction – Steps to Follow!

Planning to build your container home all by yourself? If so, then this is a huge and brave decision on your part, simply as so many things can go wrong in the process.

However, if you have the will and determination to succeed, then why not read this from start to finish!

Prior to beginning, check zoning to ensure the property legally allows such tiny home construction. Moreover, some properties like lakefront plots need certain square footage along with meeting mandatory regulations.

Once you have gotten all the permits and a green signal from the local council, figure out where you intend to put the container. Make a plan which states where the doors, windows, and other design elements will be. If you intend to make a loft, then you will need two or three containers to achieve a doubledecker. You can also put two containers side-by-side and weld them to create a more spacious home- especially if you are short on space. You can also insulate your home using the usual roofing styles.

After creating a proper blueprint of everything that’s needed, lay the foundation. Make use of pre-cast piers or cement blocks to allow airflow beneath the container. Cut homes for the windows and doors. Then properly scrub the floors, treat them with epoxy (if needed) to veil existing pesticides and chemicals. Then use plywood over the epoxy to create a sub-floor. Install the walls as per your plan along with the doors and windows. And lastly, add the roof – be it a live roof or something of more traditional.

As you are done with those, work on the plumbing, electricity, and other interior aspects like drywall and insulation. Then choose paint or wallpaper. You can add foldable furniture and a porch or patio that folds up back to the house.

There You Have It

DIY tips on how to get started with a container home construction. That said, it is wise to take help from professional builders, electricians, and plumbers to help you complete the project immaculately. The total cost of its construction is anyway low. But in areas which do need experts’ assistance, you are better off investing on such respective professionals.