How Different Are The Features Of Google Analytics From Web Analytics?

There is a constant dilemma in people’s minds that which analysis tool they should use for their website. Will the website analytics be sufficient for them, or will they require Google analytics? Many voters support both of the motions, but if we check the numbers, then the number of people who favor google analytics is much more than web analytics.

Features of analytics that make it unique

  • Google Analytics is a global level tool with access to derive the data from the website all around the world. But on the other hand, the web analytics tool only has access to a limited amount of information. 
  • Google Analytics can provide a comparison to various websites with their competitors no matter they share the same hosting servers or not. On the other hand, the range of competition web analytics is limited. They can only compare a website with another website that is published on their platform. 
  • The analytics also help in the keyword research for the website. After check all the data related to the searching on the internet browser, the Google tool gives a detailed report of the keyword performance and how to use it efficiently. But on the other hand, these websites’ analytics will not be able to provide these keywords. 
  • The report formed by the Analytics is better and detailed compared to one formed by web analytics. They are unable to provide the report in such detail. 

There is a misconception in people around that Google Analytics is a free tool that is why it will not be of greater use. But it is not valid. It is one of the best Analysis tools present around. If you are a new marketer, you should learn Analytics with the course available on Google. You can also practice for the course test with google analytics certification questions and answers pdfwhich are available easily online.