How to Advance in Your Career

Do you have perfect attendance? Are you always on time? Do you never go a minute past your break? If you answered yes, so what! You are only doing the minimum and maybe not even that. At this point all you have prov-en is that you are a warm body that can show up when you are supposed to. I will teach you to stand out, to be better then the best, because you can be!

Attitude, what is yours like? If it is not like the following and you are serious about getting ahead, you need to start rethinking what you are doing. The ideal attitude is a very positive one that keeps you self motivated as well as motivating those around you. You need to be an I can person, not an I will try. To be the best, you need to know you are the best, but don’t be cocky about it. Let your work and personality show who you are. Never brag or boast. When you accomplish a hard task you were only doing what they pay you to do. Make it look like you handled it calm and cool, don’t let them see the fear. Always ask for more work and challenges. Rewards, promotions, goals, these are all achieved not found. If someone gets ahead of you doing it the wrong way or does not deserve it, don’t get frustrated you can put yourself next in-line for that job. You make your own destiny!

Leadership, are you a leader? If no that is alright. Before one can be a great leader one must be a wise follower. Choose who to learn from. Ask questions and show that you are interested. Show that you want to learn everyones job and not only be good at your own. What would happen if one day you were in charge and Bob and Sally don’t show up for work? Do you know what there job is? Can you make sure that they still get done without them? Do you know the answers for questions that your employees may ask? Take time to be a follower, learn everything that you can, those who rise to the top quickly tend to fall to the bottom even faster. Take the time to gain the knowledge and experience, because it will pay great dividends later in your career. Many students fail to achieve the success in career without the treatment from a secure and safe means. The knowledge available with the people should be adequate to meet with the specifications. The mental toughness of the patients is treated with the right movement with exercises. 

Career, that is what you should be in at this point. The day of just having a job is gone. Jobs come and go but knowledge, wisdom, leadership, attitude, patience, they stay with you for ever. These are the foundations of building a great career. Is this enough? Not even close.

Now you are wondering what am I missing? At this point you have the tools but do you know what to do with them? To get to the top you need to build a team. Successful people are successful because of the people that they put around them. Your team is a reflection of you. At times you will not get to pick your employees. This is where a great challenge comes in at. You need to learn to get along with many different personalities and have them join together to accomplish common goals. There may be many different jobs but if one of those jobs is done wrong it can cost the entire team their goal. Share everything that you have learned with those that you work with. If they are better then you, don’t be afraid. This means that you have a very strong team. The best leaders try to put people around them that are strongest at what ever their own weakness is.

When you get to your place of employment tomorrow, look around and ask yourself where you want to be in five years, ten years, and longer. If you are in the right place then use this knowledge that I have shared with you and put it to good use.