Increase Your Chances of Landing the Right Job

Hi, my name is Daniel and I have been in the hiring business for many years. I have read thousands of resumes both online and on paper. Some I’ve chuckled at, some just really pissed me off and some hit the trash can without even opening. These tips are guaranteed to increase your chances of landing that dream job. I will be adding more and more content so your 1 time donation will help cover my time devoted to improving your chances of getting a job so if you are ready, let’s dive in…..

Let’s face it. In this day and age making a good impression IS still important if you are in the job market. However most of us drop the ball when it comes to a first rate eye catching resumes that can make the difference between job and jobless. I have been in the resume making business for several years and it’s sad to see some of the mediocre resumes that have come across my desk. These people are overly qualified for the positions they are pursuing but a poorly written resume can spell the difference between a job interview and the unemployment line so let’s dive in with some REALLY helpful tips for the serious job applicant.

* In present day a lot of employers accept resumes online with email. Here is a very important tip. Your email address. If I’m a perspective employer and I receive resumes from dixiechick@*****.com or born_tobe_wild@*******.com believe me I have already started to form an impression on this individual. I know, can’t judge a book by it’s cover right? WRONG!!! Sometimes I will send it to the trash bin.

WHY? If a person can’t be serious enough to have a professional sounding email address, what does this say about their work ethic? Pass up a perspective employee. Maybe this was the one. Hey, the job market is tough nowadays, there are plenty of perspective employees to choose from believe me. Hey if you’re applying for a job where the requirements aren’t so stringent, will probably get you the job. Big business nowadays demands professionalism. Plenty of providers out there. Sign up for gmail, put some thought into an email address.

The reviews and ratings of the hr system software should be available as seen in hr techmap. The services should contribute in the growth and development of the business enterprise.

* Moving on. I have noticed that attention to detail is lacking in a lot of applicants. Example, we had a job opening we posted on craigslist. We specifically indicated NOT to attach a resume, to check their spam folder in case it ended up there and a couple other requirements. What did we get? 95% of the applicants attached a resume. Attention to detail was spelled out at the very beginning of the message. DUH!!! Who got the job? The person that replied as follows. “I am replying to your email and did not attach a resume. Please tell me what I should do next and by the way, it will be so rewarding for me to join your organization.” Hey, they paid attention and showed genuine interest.

* Another consideration is what job you are applying for. I myself had several different resumes tailored to whatever position I was applying for. Don’t drown your future employer with a 20 page resume detailing every aspect of your experience for the position. Hit the high points, be detailed and concise.

* No pictures. This is like age. It is not required and lets the employer form an opinion based solely on resume content. Always put thought into what you say in your resume, in your email response and subsequent follow up messages if any. Do not give out information that is not required. Some resumes I have read not only have phone numbers but SS#’s also. If you are hired that information will be required at that time, NOT before. Our company does all of its hiring online. We maintain a database with perspective employees. I or we do not have time to hand read each resume. The database is structured to our needs and allows us to read resumes in a more efficient manner due to the recognition system we use to filter through them.

* Grammar. Want to make an impression? “I’m a hard worker and ain’t no slacker.” What’s wrong with this sentence? Proper grammar is very, very important. Spelling and punctuation also. “I am a hard worker and very dependable.” A few words can make a difference between what? Yes, job and jobless.