MonaVie Taught Me Proper Nutrition

The following are some of the coincidences I have felt since I started drinking acai juice mixed with apricots, blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, pears, bananas, lychee, wolfberries, bilberries, camu camu, acerola, kiwis, and cranberries. I can sleep the entire night without waking up. I have reduced my allergy medicine greatly. I do not need to use my shiatsu back massage chair for my bad back because it no longer hurts.

From now on until I die when I am 122, I will enjoy my life knowing that I am getting the proper nutrition. Instead of going to the store to buy 20 separate products which would run up a monthly bill of $250, I can buy a synergistic blend at the wholesale price of $130 plus shipping. Yes I know that some of the price is to account for paying members and for the recycled glass bottle. But a lot of that money is sent back to Brazil to help the people who are less fortunate than others. Some of that price also pays for the cost of bringing the highest quality fruit from all over the world. Does anybody know where to get bilberries? Ireland, Poland and Scotland are my guesses. Now studies have shown that bilberry can reduce or reverse effects of macular degeneration.

I think it is well worth the money to buy wild organic fruit if it will lower your health care (which is actually sick care) costs in the future. There are studies predicting that 50% of males will get cancer by the time they are 50 and 33% of females will get cancer by their 50th birthday. This is mainly because of the lack of nutrition in our diets along with all the pollution caused by technology. Cancerous cells are forming every second of every day in our bodies. This is also referred to as oxidative stress. I hate oxidative stress! How can I fight it? Eat foods full of phytonutrients, polyphenols and essential fatty acids. But you don’t know what foods have those things. I’ll tell you. Fruit! The top fruit is the acai berry. Where can you get it? Brazil. What? You can’t fly to Brazil and get it. Then you won’t be able to get camu camu for Vitamin C either. It is actually pretty easy to get these fruits if you know a MonaVie distributor.

Now if a distributor offers someone a free taste, should they take it or should they decline and say “I have to ask my doctor if it is okay.” They should take it. Doctors are experts at prescribing drugs to cure ailments. That is their business. They rarely have the background knowledge of nutrition. Plus I doubt that people ask their doctors if it is okay to eat fruit. God made fruit and he made people. Therefore I see no reason for people to reject a free taste unless they are allergic to fruit.

I can see two main reasons why people are so pumped about MonaVie. First is the health benefits and owning a business is the second reason. Most people like to eat convenient foods full of partially hydrogenated soybean oil. This is just as bad as breathing cigarette smoke. It is slowly killing you. The first thing to reverse this process is to cut back on your consumption of processed cheap foods and drink Monavie. The fruit in MonaVie is grown where there are no roads and pollution. Particles of metal are normally measured in parts per million. But in MonaVie fruit, the particles are measured in parts per billion because they are so insignificant. As for the business portion of MonaVie. It is perfectly positioned in the right market according to financial genius Maria Ramirez. Economist Paul Zane Pilzer also predicts that most of the new millionaires in the next ten years will make their money in the wellness industry and network marketing. For relevant topics about diet and nutrition, you can visit this website: It aims to educate people about the healthy way of proper diet. This website is one of the most reliable and helpful platforms that upholds healthy lifestyle.