For Business: A Valuable Visualization Tool for Social Networks

With the growth in social networking analysis and software, there is an imminent need for a fine-tuned process. Software programs such as InFlow provided by are just one great example of new ways to visualize processes. Visualization can help a business create efficient maps, blueprints, and develop key ideas. When a company wants to target a problem, find out why a particular downslide is occurring, or just get a snapshot of a particular situation, it can be helpful to do so by creating a visual diagram.

Visual mapping and diagramming have long been used by pioneers in the process development fields. Most recently in the past ten years, web programmers have created unique and intelligent systems to get a handle on these processes. Mapping and diagramming is the first step in a variety of website modules and applications, creating system designs and networks that imitate ‘real world’ interactions. Today’s social networking software and applications are based on this very concept; what works in the offline world can be imitated online to produce an even more efficient system. brings to business what standard mapping and metrics analysis has bought for market researchers. Developing a process or system is important for any startup, business venture, and overall business plan. Even non-technical fields such as neighborhood programs, workforce development, and investigative journalism can obtain a significant advantage by analyzing their internal systems. Think of it as being able to ‘see’ an idea from a new perspective. When you are able to map out and create a model of a working idea, process, or concept, it’s much easier to fine-tune it, identify problems, and open up the doors to capture the new trend.

InFlow is a program available by that helps users map, color-code, and diagram their various business processes and effectively build from the results. Organizational mapping is a valuable activity for many large-scale corporations and business systems, allowing the flow of information and interaction to be identified, harnessed, and restructured. Creating a ‘what-if’ scenario is easier than ever when the diagram is laid out; the interactivity required to make this work is what InFlow offers. As the website states, “InFlow has been successfully applied to the following projects: Industry Ecosystem Analysis, Community Economic Development, Analysing Protein Interaction Networks, Mapping and Measuring Information Flow.” Not only are these some key areas for analysis for businesses of many levels, but implementing this type of analytical system can be beneficial in the long-run. is one of many burgeoning programs available for businesses to visualize and streamline for efficiency; it is helping set the stage for some powerful tools in business development in the future.