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The Guardian: What Motivates a Rescue Swimmer to Risk His Life for Another?

This is my counterpoint to “Costner’s Guardian Just a Remake with a New Title,” by Matt Sanchez.

Warning: This article contains movie spoilers.

First, how do we categorize it? Is it in the same class with “Top Gun” as Sanchez says? I don’t think so. Don’t be fooled by the military setting and intense action scenes. Those things make the movie superficially similar to “Top Gun” and many other films. Look at the characters and the development, their relationships, the hardships they overcome internally. “The Guardian” is psychologically powerful, complex, and in the end inspiring. It is also original in concept.

“The Guardian” tells the story of a legend, Ben Randall, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. What makes him the best is his unquestioning devotion to saving lives. He does not romanticize his job in the least. He has a practical understanding of what the job means. There is no glory nor accolades in what he does. A rescue swimmer gets meager pay, and if he’s lucky he comes home alive. After the tragic loss of his entire crew, Randall is reassigned to teach “A” School to train future swimmers. As Randall wakes up on his first day at the school in Kodiak, Alaska, he takes 4 or 5 Codeines for pain, and then steps outside to be an unusual kind of teacher, making the recruits hold a push-up position for several minutes while he makes his rounds.

Enter Ashton Kutcher’s character young Jake Fischer, nickname “Goldfish.” He is a former high school swim champ with something to prove. We find out he is partly responsible for the deaths of several all-star swim team buddies in a car accident. He wears their initials as tattoos on his arm and he wears their loss in his heart or on his sleeve. This is his motivation for being at the school. Ignore the arrogance and swagger. Jake desperately needs to come to terms with his past.

The second strand of interest is Randall’s dissolving marriage with wife Helen. Randall is a doer, a saver of lives. Helen doesn’t need to be saved. Randall is married to the Coast Guard; he can only have one love. So Helen wants him, in her own words, to “let me go.” Meanwhile, Fischer is developing a relationship with local school teacher Emily Thomas which they dub “casual” – it started out as a bet – but it is obviously developing into something more.

Randall has much to teach Fischer. He breaks him down through grueling drills, personal remarks, and, finally through an emotional scene in Randall’s office where Randall confronts Jake about his past. Randall becomes like a father to Jake, telling him to forgive himself and let go of the past. Jake starts out as a loner, but he learns about teamwork. He helps a classmate, Hodge, who is at risk at the school, to pass the crucial test of breaking a drowning swimmer’s choke-hold.

Randall knows what it’s like to lose his crew and feel the burden that comes with that. He teaches Fischer not to “wear those he loses on his arm.” I believe Randall’s contribution to Fischer is to help him focus “on the ones he can save,” not being mired by thoughts of the ones he can’t.

In the movie’s other main thread, Randall gives his wife Helen the divorce papers she had wanted, and learns to “let her go.” In the end, he retires from rescue swimming, but not until he performs one final act of heroism. In a climactic action scene Jake is trapped inside a fishing vessel by himself in the stormy

Bering Sea

Randall is sent in to get him out. He succeeds, but the rescue cable is damaged and can only hold the weight of one man. Of his own will, Randall cuts himself loose at some 100 + feet of altitude, thereby saving Jake and, of course, sacrificing his own life.

Randall lets go of Helen just as Jake returns to Emily, where he offers to commit himself to their relationship. Jake says “I lied. I can’t do casual.” He is ready to go on with his life. That is Randall’s gift to him as well.

The credits, you get to see authentic footage of Hurricane Katrina rescue sequences, with beautiful shots of U.S. Coast Guard helicopters assisting victims who are trapped in the flood. The footage is accompanied by beautiful music, a mixture of symphony and hip-hop, that will perhaps bring a tear to your eye.

In response to Sanchez’s critique, “Who is the hero of this movie?,” (as if that is a problem), I say it is both Randall and Fischer, in addition to the men, women, and core values of the United States Coast Guard.

What motivates a rescue swimmer to risk his life for a living? It is not guilt or grief. Costner makes that very clear to Jake. That is the baggage that must be left behind.

Is it stoicism? A Hemingway-like resignation to the forces of nature, to be taken by the sea? I don’t think so either.  While learning the swimming lessons, the guardian of the customers should be with them. It increases the safety and protection of the small children. 

It is a hopeful attitude. A desire for adventure. Compassion. A love for what you do. And a love to serve, without receiving the glory for it. That is why this movie is so inspiring to us and speaks to us as average people. People can be selfish and self-centered. But we can also display an amazing quality of selflessness and humanity when we see the suffering of our brothers and sisters as occured after Hurricane Katrina. If we use a “picture of humanity” definition of art, this film is art par excellence.

Who Should Pay for the First Date?

In the grand history of dating, the idea of who pays is a relatively recent occurrence. Traditionally, it was a man’s duty to provide for the woman completely. This means that he would pay for everything not only on the first date, but on all subsequent dates. Now, this system had more to do with society being male dominated. Women were not given equal rights, and therefore men were traditionally the only ones with jobs (as society would not allow women to work). In those times, it made sense that men would pay for everything as women (usually) would not have been able to afford the date.

However, with the arrival of the women’s rights movement, women were gradually given equal rights and subsequently the ability to become employed. Presently, most women work and therefore have access to enough money to contribute on a date.

This indeed is a step in the right direction as it is usually a man who pays for all the bills during a date and this change will truly reflect equality between both sexes and also break the existing stereotype of women being demure and docile in nature and continuously dominated by a patriarchal society without the rights to make decisions on their own, a step that cannot be found in the okcupid app that has become the youth’s latest fancy to try their luck with girls.

Now, even today, some people will still claim that a man should pay for everything. However, I am not one of them. First of all, as I am in college, I don’t have a lot of money. And this is OK, because most girls in college also are limited monetarily. Girls understand this, and realize that it is only fair that they should pay for their half. I should also note that I have never had a girl become insulted when I suggest that we each pay for our share of the date. On the contrary, I believe that girls appreciate that you consider them to be your equal (by paying for everything, you assume that a girl cannot provide for herself which is simply untrue). I also believe that if a first date doesn’t work out, I shouldn’t be the one to foot the entire bill.

However, I do not believe that you should stick hard and fast to this rule of splitting everything halfway. It’s always nice to surprise girls with gifts, extravagant evenings, etc. And I further believe that these events will stand out much more if your girl is used to splitting everything equally. Just think about it. If every time you take a girl you’re paying for everything, will she be as surprised when you eventually take her out somewhere nice? She won’t, because she’ll automatically assume that you’ll be picking up the bill anyway.

Now, I just want to take a second to let you know that I’m not blaming women for this at all. In fact, I believe that this situation applies to men as well. For instance, I have dated wealthy women, and, with them paying for everything, I eventually just came to expect that they would take me to nice places. It became common and I wasn’t as impressed with our dates anymore (this was before I came to my present conclusion on splitting the date’s costs equally). I believe that it is human nature to become, over time, less excited about common events. And in my case, extravagant dates became common and I began to appreciate them less.

With this knowledge, you should be free to enjoy a first date that will both be easy on your checkbook as well as provide a solid foundation from which a relationship can blossom.

Why is Breast Cancer So Common?

According to the Carolinas Health Care System, breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women. Over the years breast cancer has actually become even more common. Men are even affected by breast cancer, and even more, men are being diagnosed each year. This is why it is really important for men to take care of their health as they are also prone to breast cancer. In order to learn about how to get a flat chest, you can follow this link and learn about the ways through which you can easily maintain your body and health and protect yourself from cancer. 

There are many things that people think may be responsible for increased breast cancer rates. Even many household products that we use contain known carcinogens such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and other beauty products. Known carcinogens are chemicals that are known to cause cancer. There are also many other factors involved such as hereditary, environmental factors, lifestyle factors, age, and even stress.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are also so many different types of breast cancers and risk factors. Some are driven by mutations that happen within the cells of the breast while others are strictly hormonal. Women who started their menstrual cycles at an early age do have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Breast cancer is also more commonly seen in women who drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Some of these lifestyle factors can contribute to breast cancer because they promote free radical damage within the body which encourages cell mutation. Free radical damage can be reduced by living a healthy lifestyle, making better choices, and managing stress. Fruits and vegetables have a protective effect on the body because they contain antioxidants that help to stamp out free radicals.

Dr. Linda Page, Author of Healthy Healing says, “Other reasons why cancer, in general, might be common is because cancer thrives on an environment that is acidic.” The standard American diet is poor because it lacks essential vitamins, and minerals as well as being high in sugar and fat. According to, “cancer thrives on sugar.” Dr. Sears says, “Keep your diet very low in fat especially saturated fat.” Eating a diet low in sugar, fat and high in healthy organic fruits and vegetables is one thing a person can do to reduce their risk. Sugar especially chemically altered sugars like high fructose corn syrup are found in many foods and most people don’t even realize how much sugar they actually consume. Ketchup is just one thing that is loaded with sugar. You can also find sugars hidden in so-called natural teas, juice, packaged foods, fast foods, diet products, coke, sodas, and just about nearly every processed food. We are simply consuming too much sugar and the sad part is that many people are addicted to sugar fixes. The chemically altered sugar known as high fructose corn syrup is showing up everywhere and it is proven to be very addictive and bad for our health. Sugar affects our health in many ways including making us more susceptible to developing cancer.


How To Keep A New Year Resolution

As the New Year approaches many of us look forward to a fresh start and for some that means the dreaded New Year resolution. New Year’s Eve is a celebration of all the trials and accomplishment of the previous year but once the ball drops and the confetti has fallen we begin to think of all that we wish to achieve the following year. For many we envision bettering ourselves and achieving milestones in our lives. Therefore, we make our New Year resolutions year after year promising ourselves that this will finally be the year that we complete them. This promise that we make to ourselves is often forgotten come the first week of February but with these three easy steps you can finally complete that New Year resolution.

1.  Choose something you are passionate about:

When making your resolution decide what you want most out of the following year. For some that could be finding a better job, spending more time with family, or even dropping a few pounds to get healthy. Whatever you decide make sure that it is something that will drive you to push forward and remember to be realistic. Nothing crushes your motivation more than trying unsuccessfully to reach unobtainable goals.

2. Planning:

Create a step by step process that will help you to stick to your New Year resolution. For example, let’s say that you wish to spend more time with you kids. Maybe you could set aside one night out of the week for a family game night. Or like many you are looking to lose some weight to ensure a healthier year. Your first goal could be losing ten pounds my March. To ensure meeting this goal plan on cutting calories by eating healthier and exercising for an hour three times a week. Whatever your resolution is be specific in your planning and set objectives along the way. By setting goals for yourself you can feel a sense of accomplishment each time one of them is meet and this will keep you motivated along the way.

3. Follow through:

The first two steps are useless unless you have the drive to follow through. That is why it is so important to choose something that you are passionate about. Dedication to yourself and determination will help you to stick to your plan. Keep a strict schedule and do not permit yourself to wavier. It is much easier to stay on track than to allow yourself to slack off and try to get back on the right path. Remember, you are in this for the long haul and there is no better feeling than self-worth and finally completing those New Year resolutions. If a person wants good immune system, then they should take mucosal supplement under doctor supervision. A schedule can be prepared through the person to retain good digestive system and eating of healthy food.

Review Of Usbgeek: Explore The Many Ways To Use Your Usb Port

Many people own computers for years without fully taking advantage of the benefits offered by the USB port on their computers. USBGEEK puts a whole new spin on the many uses of the USB port. This article shares several products offered by USBGEEK and gives one the opportunity to explore the many ways to use the USB port on your computer.

More so than ever people are spending hours on end at their computer workstations at home and in the office. Why not take the time as valuable and enjoying as possible by enjoying the many USB gadgets offered by USBGEEK?

If you are not familiar with USBGEEK then you should read about this great service for all your tech needs on, besides that, you can read a detailed analysis of all the products that are offered by USBGEEK with all their specifications and prices.

Let’s say you are working on a diehard writing assignment while enjoying your favorite hot beverage and you don’t want to break your flow, yet your beverage is losing its steam. The USB Café Pad available at USBGEEK is the perfect solution to your minor setback. The USB Cafe Pad keeps beverages warm and has a temperature range of 40 to 80 degrees Celsius. With an off on power switch and LED indicator, this little gadget by USBGEEK is the perfect gadget for the person who likes keeping a warm drink nearby while writing. The USB Café Pad retails for $15.00 and is a great buy.

Another great gift idea from USBGEEK is the USB Fridge designed to keep drinks chilled to perfection while you work on the great American novel. This easy to install gadget by USBGEEK takes only 5 minutes to reach 47 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place your drink on the chilled platter and continue to work as you enjoy a cool refreshing beverage. With LED lighting effects the USB Fridge by USBGEEK retails fro $30.00.

If looking for the right aesthetic feel while writing try using the USB Aroma Digi Fan by USBGEEK. This unique gadget is the perfect device for distributing the preferred fragrance in the form of an essential Aroma Oil. The USB Aroma Digi Fan has the capability to fill the room with delightful scents without heating or burning the essential oils. Portable, safe, and very easy to use, the USB Aroma Digi Fan by USBGEEK retails for only $15.00.

USBGEEK offers many more unique gadgets for use with the USB computer port including a USB mini Paper Shredder, a USB 512MB JetPen plus Laser Pointer, a USB Fingerprint Reader and more.

In addition to offering fun gadgets, USBGEEK offers a wide array of accessories designed to create the best experience possible for computer users. At USBGEEK you will find USB Cables, Retractable Cables, a USD Cellphone Data Cable, USB Adapters, USB Skype Phones, USB Mouse and Mouse Pads, USB PDA Cradles, USB iPod Cables, USB PDA Cables, USB Keyboards, USB Lighting, Speakers and more. The list of functional accessories and fn gadgets at USBGEEK is absolutely endless. For more information on USBGEEK and the many useful and unique gadgets offered visit the USBGEEK Web site online today.

Webkinz Cheat Codes…Is There Such a Thing?

I have become familiar with the ever so popular Webkinz about a year ago. At my daughter’s birthday party a young boy was so excited that he had given her two of the popular pets. I was clueless; to me I looked at two stuffed animals. My daughter looked at them all so differently. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to get home and register them online.

Once we got home we immediately went to the computer. You have to tell the sex of the animal and the name you want to give it. You have to punch in a special code that is uniquely giving to each and every webkinz pet. After you have given your pet a name and adopted it, the pet will come alive in the virtual world. Your pet will be given a room that you need to decorate. Rooms can be added for each pet along with outside gardens. Each pet starts with so much money and once it is gone you will need to earn more by playing games, answering questions, and various different tasks.

My daughter is up to eleven webkenz pets and she has learned a lot about taking care of her pets. The first thing my daughter does with her pets is take them to the doctor. She works at a job and loves to answer questions at Quizzy. The questions at Quizzy are about language, social studies, math, science, and etc. Some may see it as a child being on the computer too long but I see it as my daughter learning and being responsible for keeping her pets happy, healthy, and feed. My daughter’s pets are never below 96, 100 being the best. No she only spends less than one hour on the computer a day.

I do not understand about these secret cheat codes I have heard about. My opinion about these cheat codes is it is down right wrong to encourage children to use. What is there for a child to accomplish if the cheat codes just give the points out like their nothing? I know how this might be fun to get all these points to add up but what would be left to accomplish yourself. You apparently could buy any household item that your virtual pet would like to have, along with outfits and garden supplies. If cheat codes are really accessible than I think that children of all people should greatly be discouraged from unlocking them. This is actually encouraging children to hack and steal which is wrong.

Maybe some feel that cheat codes are no big deal and that I may be over reacting but when it comes to teaching children right from wrong than I feel that I am being reasonable on the subject.

Vietnam: 1973 To 1979

Lyndon Johnson refuses to run for a certain loss in the 1968 election, Bobby Kennedy is killed and Richard Nixon climaxes the most unlikely political comeback in the history of the United States. Part of the appeal of Richard Nixon during the election of 1968 was his promise to end the war during his period of attachment to the Oval Office. Flash forward to a year after the re-coronation of Pres. Nixon and in Paris the peace talks lead to an acceptance of a cease fire. Peace with honor. America’s first loss of a war….with dignity. Meanwhile, the fighting continued in Vietnam right up to that day in 1975 when the last U.S. troops left Vietnam.

The domino effect predicted by the hawks who led America into a war it had no business fighting appeared ready to take place, after all. The government heading up South Vietnam did little to inspire confidence and the result was a relatively easy victory by the communists who actually believed in their leader and system of governance. Saigon fell and was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. South Vietnam was utterly devastated and the land to the north wasn’t in much better shape. Those members of the country that had collaborated with the imperialist invaders known as the United States military were sent to labor camps to be re-educated and then sent to work on collectivized farms. The year 1976 saw Vietnam initiate a Five Year Plan similar to the plans undertaken by the Soviet Union during the heady days of the dictatorship of Josef Stalin.

Despite its proximity to China, the real communist overseers of the new Vietnam was the Soviet Union. It was during Vietnam’s Five Year Plan that the infamous boat people took to the seas and wound up in American cities. Illegal immigration was not a major political issue of the time and, besides, it was the Republicans who were most in favor of the Vietnam War and so it could only be hypocritical of them to oppose the immigration into the land o’ plenty by the Vietnamese. The situation is kind of like how conservatives overlook illegal immigration from Cuba, but see illegal immigration from Mexico as some kind of threat to their comfortable existence.

The year 1978 saw the Vietnamese situation take another strange turn. That was the year that the Vietnamese communists invaded neighboring Cambodia. Cambodia had been under the thumb of Pol Pot, one of the most fearsomely psychotic leaders in the world. Over the course of three years, Pol Pot had targeted the educated citizens of Cambodia and in the process committed genocidal crimes that took away about 15% of the country’s entire population. The Vietnamese invasion was looked upon as the lesser of two evils by the Cambodians: it was either put up with Vietnamese imperialist aims or welcome back Pol Pot. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. The acceptance of the Vietnamese invaders was accepted with passivity by the Cambodians only because they didn’t want a return of the killing fields of their mad former leader.

The invasion of Cambodia put a significance dent into the Five Year Plan forwarded by Vietnam. In fact, the Five Year Plan has to be abandoned because of the economic strain that it and the Cambodian invasion was placing upon the country. At this time, relations with China reached an all-time low and so the Vietnamese/Russian relationship took a stronger hold. A deal was made for Vietnam to receive significant economic, military and political support. In return, the Soviets garnered what has always been their dream: a warm water naval port. This particular port was maintained at Cam Ranh Bay.

That decision put China on the defensive and as is almost always the case with a big bully, the defensive transformed into the offensive. Chinese troops invaded the northern regions of Vietnam in 1979. Surprisingly, Vietnam successfully fought off the invasion, though the price was high. China also began providing support to the guerilla armies loyal to Pol Pot and his dream of regaining power in Cambodia.

Tutoring ESL: How to Teach The Perfect Trial Lesson

Finding an English as a Second Language (ESL) student to tutor is as easy as placing an ad online and then waiting for your phone to ring.
The difficult part comes when it’s time to meet your student face to face for that first lesson. What questions should you ask? Is it necessary to create a detailed lesson plan? And how do you convince your potential student that you’re the best person for the job?

It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Here are five tips to follow.

1. Dress the Part

That doesn’t mean that you have to wear a suit, but dress professionally. No jeans, wrinkled shirts, flip flops or anything else that would give your potential student reason to believe that you’d be a waste of money. A good first impression means that half the battle is won and if you look like a capable and intelligent teacher, they’ll be more likely to think of you as such.

2. Sell Yourself

Just like you would at a job interview, explain (briefly) why you’re qualified for the job.

After you’ve shook hands and introduced yourself, tell the student about where you went to University, what you studied and any relevant work experience you’ve had teaching or tutoring English. Talk a little about where you’re from and your hobbies. Personalize yourself as a likable person; a ‘friend’. Because the truth is that most students won’t know enough about teaching methods to be able to form an opinion on your tutoring skills. If they chose to hire you, it will be because they like you.

3. Ask Questions

Now here’s your chance to gauge their ability and level. Ask them simple, open-ended questions about their hobbies and backgrounds and mentally note how quickly and confidently they respond and which errors they make. Smile encouragingly and give them a lot of time to answer.

Some Sample Questions:

What is your job?

Did you study English before?

Why do you want to learn English?

What are your hobbies?

The answers to these questions can be very telling! It’s important to assess whether your student is serious about learning English or not. Sometimes students treat tutoring sessions as a dating service or as a means to gain an English-speaking friend (which means that once they’ve discovered that you don’t share the same agenda, they’ll drop you).

4. Offer Them the Choice of Three Different Teaching Methods

It’s extremely important to ask your students which teaching style they’d prefer. They may not know, but they’ll certainly appreciate being given the choice, as well as control over how their lessons are taught.

While there are a variety of teaching methods you could use, it’s best to keep your lessons simple and straightforward. Save the creative games and activities for a traditional classroom setting, as most adult, ESL students are too pressed for time to indulge in a game of hangman or Pictionary.

Give Them the Following Three Options:

– Lessons Taught with a Textbook (make sure to bring a few sample textbooks for them to flip through)

– Free, Unscripted Conversation Practice

– Conversation Practice based off a magazine or newspaper article

5. Give them a Contract to Sign

In the last 10 minutes of your trial lesson, show them your tutor contract (a typed outline of your rates and cancellation policy). Don’t have them sign the contract right then, because no one likes to feel pressured into making a decision. Rather, give them a copy and tell them to bring it back with them next time.

It’s important to go over the contract in the trial lesson because that way it gives the student a clear outline of your expectations. It also shows that you’re a professional and that you take your lessons and your commitment to them as a client, seriously.

Final Note:

It’s important to remember that students chose to not hire a tutor for one of two reasons.

1. The tutor doesn’t correct their English often enough and the students find the lessons to be a waste of time.

2. The tutor over-corrects their English and the students feel frustrated, discouraged or ashamed.

It’s therefore important to remember to correct their grammar or vocabulary mistakes as they speak but not to overdue it. How will you know where to draw the line? That’s why it’s so important to interview them in the beginning of the lesson and accurately gauge their comfort levels.

As a general rule, it’s better to rule on the side of over-correction. Just make sure to keep your voice light and smile. Always smile.

Tips For Making A Comfortable Mattress Out Of Foam And Carpet Padding

Sleep, it’s as important to life as food and shelter. If you don’t have a comfortable bed your life as a Van Dweller will be very miserable, indeed. An over night camping trip is a whole different situation than long term living in a van. When you’re looking at how your going to sleep for weeks, months or even permanently, finding the most comfortable arrangement becomes pretty darn important.

The first step is to find a happy medium between your standard sized mattresses and the space available for your bed. My first attempt was a bed cross ways in the van but even though it was only 2″ to short the inability to stretch out made it a completely unworkable arrangement.

The new bed is 30″ wide and 72″ long. Not a standard sized bed by any means so the best approach was to build my own mattress to fit the situation.

At 240 lbs and rapidly approaching 60 yrs of age it was important to find a combination that was both soft enough to be comfortable on my creaky old bones yet offered some level of support to avoid bottoming out.

For the soft portion I used a 3″ thick mattress topper from Sam’s Club. For the support I used ½” carpet padding foam. Like many things in life it took a few failures to come up with something that finally was workable.

The first bed was 48″ wide by 68″ long. Cut down from a Queen sized mattress topper which cost me $120 I wasn’t going to discard the failed attempt and start form scratch. As I had carefully kept all scraps from the original mattress topper I decided to glue things back together and re-cut to form two single mattresses each 30″ wide and 72″ long.

Off to the home center I went and purchased what was labeled a spray adhesive capable of adhering foam to foam. This amounted to about $9 wasted as anything in a spray can won’t hold for any length of time. Over night the joints separated and I was back to square one.

The only glue that will work is Contact Cement in a bulk container. I bought a 1qt can hoping it would be enough to glue up two mattresses. As it turned out two 1qt cans wasn’t quite enough. If I had originally gone with the two single beds 2 cans would have done the job. I used a cheap throw away 2″ paint brush to apply the cement. I tried a small paint roller but it just wouldn’t transfer the glue to such a soft surface. Don’t go for 100% coverage with the glue. Around the perimeter and an “X” pattern in the middle will do well enough.

My first thoughts were to place two layers of the carpet padding on the bottom to prevent bottoming out. This seemed ok, but the softness of the mattress topper seemed to allow you to sink in substantially. My final design had me gluing one layer of ½” carpet padding to both the top and bottom of the foam. By doing this your weight is spread out better and the soft foam is less apt to collapse under weight.

If you don’t care for the more grainy feel of the carpet padding you can make a mattress cover from an old blanket.

Yes this size mattress is somewhat smaller then a twin sized mattress. The difference is small enough that when you go to buy bed linens sheets for a twin mattress will be loose but still will fit well enough that there is no real need to modify them. I found a couple of complete sets at Walmart for $7.50 each.

One concern to remember, Contact Cement has strong vapors and off gassing will be an issue for some days after you glue your mattress together. It’s recommended that you work out doors and when done allow plenty of ventilation until the odor subsides. It will probably take a week or two before the smell will allow you to sleep on the mattress.

Team Building in a Small Business

Team building is the process by which helps in the establishment as well as development of the feelings of collaboration as well as trust among the members of a team. Team assessment exercise, interactive exercises as well as group discussions can enable the groups for cultivating the sense of team work.

Essential features of team building:

1. The level of interdependence among the members on a team should be very high.

2. The leader of a team should have good interpersonal skills as well as should have commitment towards the team building process.

3. Each of the members of the team should have a sense of contributing willingly for improving the efficiency of the team.

4. The team building process should ensure that the climate which exists in the team for proper communication should be a relaxed one.

5. The mutual trust among the members of the team should be present.

6. The team as well as the members of the team should be prepared for taking risks.

7. The goals as the target set for the team as well as its members should be clear.

8. The roles of the members of the team should be defined clearly to avoid role conflicts.

9. The team members should have a clear idea for examining the errors which is performed by the team or by any other member of the team.

10. The level of creativity should be high within a team.

11. The level of influence a member can exert on other team members should be defined clearly.

Team Effectiveness

The following are a few factors which can be used for the evaluation of the performance of the team members during the team building process:

Team goals – These are developed by the interaction among the members of a team. Team goals are agreements where each of the team members displays his willingness for performing a certain part of the job assigned to the team.

Participation – This is yet another golden rule of team building. Active participation by all the team members will facilitate the accomplishment of various tasks. This will also facilitate the generation of a feeling of togetherness in the team.

Feedback – This is an unavoidable part required in the process of team building. The members are given the feedback about how they are performing as well as their interaction with the other members of the team. In the same manner, the team members are requested to evaluate the performance of the other members of the team. Feedback must given in a positive fashion to ensure that the process of team building develops further.

Team Decision Making – This s a process which involves the active participation of all the team members for making a particular decision fro a certain situation.

Leadership – The level of leadership should be distributed among the members so that people will not have a tendency to develop a superiority as well as inferiority complex.

Some other features which characterize the team building process are:

1. Problem solving skills

2. Adequate level of conflict for improving the creativity

3. The level of talents, skill, experiences as well as knowledge of the team members will be high.

4. The risk taking process is enhanced during the team building process.