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Quick Tips to Losing Some Weight For The Summer

OK summer is coming up soon and you managed to let yourself go throughout the winter, here are few quick tips to get you in shape for swimsuit season.
1. Cardio- Do not neglect this ever, even if you are not trying to lose a lot of weight cardio is very important to maintaining a healthy body and good metabolism, if your already doing cardio go ahead and try doubling the amount your doing at least every other day, so if you do 15mins a day now try for 30 mins tomorrow then go back to 15 then 30 the following day. If you are not doing cardio, then following your workout hop on a elliptical for a few minutes 10-15 and see how you feel, do this every day and gradually build up to a healthy 30 mins a day.

2. Weight Training- Always do it, Always even if you are a girl, I know that many females say I don’t want to be buff, and even a few guys are afraid to lift because they don’t want to look like a professional bodybuilder. Here is the truth you are not going to buff out if you lift a few days a week, you are going to gain healthy muscle and a lean physique, unless your eating 6000 calories a day. If you really are afraid your going to gain to much muscle or don’t want to look weak lifting small weights in the gym, then either use machines or better yet find out the max weight you can lift and do big reps of half that, so say you can curl 30lbs, then grab a 15lb dumbbell and do about 5 sets of 20 reps. This will build lean mass and help you burn calories with your new found lean muscle.

3. Nutrition, and finally its time to eat right, first thing is first no more fast food, I know if your in college this will be hard but learn to live with it go to the store get yourself some meats and veggies and cook your own meals. Not only is it much cheaper but you can control whats in your food. Next up no more soda,energy drinks, or lattes/cappuccinos, or any other sugar enhanced coffee contraptions I know many people think coffee drinks are OK because they are coffee and coffee speeds up your metabolism, however basically any coffee drink except regular coffee or espresso are loaded with calories, sugar, and ab blocking fat. Same with soda and energy drinks, if you really want them stick to diet versions of your favorite soda or energy drink. The third step, no more bread/pasta/pizza/wings/tacos or anything else that is your standard “drunk munchies”, furthermore you have got to drop the alcohol out of your diet, I know this is hard (I am in college too don’t worry) but if you still want to get a little rowdy stick to liquors and tonic water they have less calories then beer, and if you must drink beer limit yourself to 4-5 drinks and only drink once or twice a week.

Well that about does it, not really a workout guide here just some tips to help you slim down for that summer vacation.

Nutritional Facts for Your Webkinz

Webkinz are the rage for the younger set. Here are a few pointers to get around feeding your animal and keeping him happy.
Each animal has a hunger, health and happy rating. You must interact with your pet in their virtual room as well as purchase items to assist your pet. Food items are the quickest way to boost your hunger.

Thinking your animal would eat as the creature would in reality will not gain the desired results. You must think that Webkinz eat like humans do. They drink chocolate milk and eat blueberry cheesecake. And similar results happen. For example water doesn’t help with hunger necessarily but it is healthy for us, same for Webkinz.

The hunger rating is indicated at the bottom of the screen near the image of your pet. It is the last slider bar with the silverware and the word “hunger”. When this number gets below 40, your pet will begin to feel ill, it is suggested you purchase food and feed your virtual pet. Once done, the indicator numbers will improve.

So what are the best food purchases for your money? Typically those with a higher price point will bring a higher hunger boost. Some suggestions would be a Burger, it costs 12 Kinzcash but it brings 10 Hunger boost points. Carrot cake is very expensive at 25 Kinzcash and brings 10 hunger boost points. Chicken nuggets cost 13 and bring 9. Fish sticks cost 12 and bring 10. Hot Dogs cost 10 and bring 7. Macaroni and cheese cost 10 and bring 9. Spaghetti costs 16 and brings 12.

Not all high priced food items bring the best results. Pancakes, which cost 10 Kinzcash only bring 6 hunger boost points. Sushi is another example where it costs 15 but only brings 6 points.

Not all food gives positive results. While most food brings some level of hunger boost. A few do not. Those are marshmallows, candy canes, phantom pops, pumpkin pops, ramen noodles, and vitamins. Some of these items do boost happiness or health.

Beware that some foods bring a negative result. While not in the hunger category, it is present in the health and happy categories. Broccoli costs 5 Kinzcash, gives 2 hunger boost, 4 health boost but take away 1 happy boost. Chocolate bars cost 5 and give 2 hunger, -1 health and 3 happy points. Those additional food items that take 1 away from the health boost are cream soda, fudge, marshmallows and toffee. The food item that takes away from the happy boost is broccoli -1. There are many food items that add nothing to health or happy points.

Foods that don’t add to the health boost points are cake, candy cane, cherries, chocolate milkshake, chocolate pudding, cola, cookies, cupcake, French fries, fruit punch, honey, hot chocolate, hot dog, ice cream cone, jelly, lemon meringue pie, licorice, licorice bats, lollipop, orange pop, peppermints, phantom pop, pink lemonade, popsicle, potato chips, pretzels, pumpkin pop, ramen noodles, root beer, super Mega Toothbuster and Webkinz crackers. You’ll notice a trend here. These items are mostly junk food. There are lessons to learn while having fun in Webkinz World.

Those items that do not add to your happiness boost points are apple, asparagus, baked potato, bread, candy cane, carrots, cheese, granola cereal, milk, mushrooms, oatmeal, orange, orange juice, papaya, peach, pear, phantom pop, pumpkin, pumpkin pop, ramen noodles, salad, spaghetti, tomato, tomato soup, vitamins and white rice. These seem a little more subjective than those that don’t benefit the health boost but still good to know if you are trying to make the best purchases with your Kinzcash.

Lou Gehrig’s Disease – The Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment Options, And Prognosis Of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a progressive, neurodegenerative, fatal disease, named after the famous New York Yankees baseball player Lou Gehrig who died from the condition in 1939, affects both the upper and lower motor neurons, causes atrophy of the muscles, voluntary movement losses, bladder and bowel structure deficiencies that do not allow the normal maintenance of natural body passages, replaces healthy nerves along the sides of the spinal cord with hardening or scarred tissues causing muscles to lose their nourishment, become smaller and weaker, damages motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord that control muscle movements, generally spares the patient’s eyes, and normally does not affect their cognitive functions.

Neuromuscular System:

Consisting of the brain, muscles, and nerves the neuromuscular system controls many every day functions such as walking, running, breathing, lifting, and more that Lou Gehrig’s Disease, over the course of time, prevents from occurring, gradually paralyzing the body.

Risk Groups:

According to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association of America Lou Gehrig’s Disease typically affects adults from forty to seventy years old, with men more likely to be affected than women, and approximately five thousand new cases developing a year, up to ten percent of who contract the disease through hereditary means.


The symptoms of Lou Gehrig’s Disease may include such things as muscle weaknesses in the arms and legs, excessive falling, speaking difficulties, muscle cramps, eating, swallowing, and breathing problems, the inability to not drop objects held, muscle atrophies, slurred speech, manual dexterity problems, monomelia, or one affected limb only, amyotrophies, voice volume losses, dysphagia, hyperreflexia, Babinski’s Sign of the toes, pseudobulbar affects, or emotional incontinences, with uncontrolled fits of laughter, smiling, or crying, the inability to stand, the loss of the use of the arms and hands, weight maintenance difficulties, depression, profound frontotemporal dementias, severe personality changes, nocturnal hypoventilations, respiratory failures, and pneumonia.


While the exact causes of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis remain unknown they may include gene mutations of the superoxide dismutase enzyme that protects the mitochondria, oxidative stress, programmed cell deaths, cellular organelles damages, caloric restrictions, DNA defects, immune system abnormalities, toxic exposures, spinal cord surgeries, A4V gene defects, the leading mutation in North America that may cause Lou Gehrig’s Disease with rapid progression to death, heredity, glutamate neurotransmitters in the brain that kill neurons, autoimmune responses, microglia defects, brain and spinal cord non-neuronal trauma, and smoking.


Diagnostic measures for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis may include patient and family histories, x-rays, spinal taps, electromyograms to detect damaged nerves, blood tests, nerve biopsies, neurological examinations, Nerve Conduction Velocity Tests, urine samples, diagnostic biomarkers, Cystatin C Tests, and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Tests.

Treatment Options:

Treatment options for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis may include physical therapies, assistive technology equipment, low-impact aerobic exercises for unaffected muscles, range of motion exercises, wheelchairs, ramps, walkers, braces, speech-language strategies to improve talking, voice amplifiers, alphabet boards, suction devices to remove excess fluids from the throat, feeding tubes, ventilatory assistance devices, pallative hospice care, bilevel positive pressure ventilatiion, or BiPAPs, to support breathing, tracheostomies, Riluzole and Ceftriaxone to treat glutamate transporters, and medications for symptom relief of such things as fatigue, muscle cramps, pain, sleep disturbances, and depression.


According to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association about half of all patients with Lou Gehrig’s Disease will survive for three years after being diagnosed with this ailment, approximately twenty percent will live five years, and about ten percent will survive for ten years or more, with respiratory failures being the leading cause of death for these patients.

Lou Gehrig:

Henry Louis Gehrig will always be remembered for his batting skills, long standing consecutive games played record of 2130 games, that stood for fifty-six years before Cal Ripken Junior broke it on September 20, 1998, earning him the name the Iron Man, the record for the most career grand slams hit in a career, having three of the top RBI seasons in baseball history, playing in all of the first seven All-Star Games, winning the American League’s Most Valuable Player Awards in 1927 and 1936, winning baseball’s Triple Crown in 1934 for having the highest batting average, hitting the most home runs, and the most runs batted in for the season, being the first player in Major League Baseball history to have his number retired, election to the Baseball Hall of Fame, being voted the Baseball Writers Association Greatest Firstbaseman of All Time, being the leading vote getter for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team, producing a fifteen season career from 1925 to 1939, his famous farewell speech after Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis prevented him from playing any longer, and still considering himself to be “The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth”.


Media that has been made about Lou Gehrig’s life includes the The Pride of the Yankees, the My Luke and I autobiography written by Eleanor Gehrig and Joseph Durso, and the television movie A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story. In 1938 Gehrig also appeared in the motion picture Rawhide playing himself.

Top Three Rules For Choosing The Best VPN Service

A VPN has lots of benefits from concealing and security to different IP addresses and anonymous browsing. With an increase in online fraud cases, many people are looking for the best ways of securing their information. That is why almost everyone prefers to use the right virtual private network service.

The VPN service creates a private digital tunnel where the internet connection is routed, and this helps to prevent it from prying eyes to see the data and the activities that are done through the connection. Here, in the guide, we will talk about the subtle rules for choosing the best VPN service.

  • Quality of every VPN

All the VPN companies differ in some features. It can be in the form of encryption, speed, or anonymity. Therefore, you must ensure that your priority matches the company you have chosen. You have to understand your needs before selecting the one.

  • Compatible devices

The majority of VPNs support all the devices like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux, but some of them are not available on all of the platforms. That is why you must look for a VPN service that can support all the devices. One of the best on the market is TorGuard, as it can run on every platform. You can search for Is TorGuard promo code available to know whether you can avail discounts or not.

  • Look for a user-friendly interface

Sometimes, using VPNs can be quite challenging. Therefore, you must select that one that comes with a user-friendly interface. It will help you to set up a virtual platform with ease.

To summarize, you have to remember these subtle rules for choosing the best VPN service. Always make sure that all the important locations are covered in the plan.