Proactive Leadership Vs Reactive Leadership

Regardless of the industry you are currently working in, to become a leader you have to follow some important principles and ideas. Your character traits and mentality is going to define the kind of leader you actually are. Ask yourself whether you are proactive or reactive? These two kinds of leadership are miles apart from each other and can make or break your name. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two kinds of leadership.

  • Proactive leadership is more about identifying a problem and solving it with the whole team. Proactive leaders try to involve everyone into the work and that is why they enjoy efficient results. On the other hand, reactive leaders try to solve any problem all by themselves and are not willing to involve their team in most cases.
  • Reactive leadership is more into telling what and how to do a particular work. These leaders want the work to be done in their own way. But, proactive leaders offer better flexibility to their team members. They allow others to put into their ideas and try to finish the work in the best possible manner. They coach their team members and don’t strictly tell them what to do always.
  • Reactive leaders are not very friendly to their team members when they make a mistake. They want their work to be done error-free. On the contrary, proactive leaders understand that errors and mistakes are a part of the work and help their team members to learn from what they did wrong. They try to build the experience from it.

You will always see that proactive leaders are more into working together and share the credit between everyone. They know how it feels to get motivated and it is the only way to taste success. Reactive leaders don’t make it too big in the industry because of their principles.