Team Building in a Small Business

Team building is the process by which helps in the establishment as well as development of the feelings of collaboration as well as trust among the members of a team. Team assessment exercise, interactive exercises as well as group discussions can enable the groups for cultivating the sense of team work.

Essential features of team building:

1. The level of interdependence among the members on a team should be very high.

2. The leader of a team should have good interpersonal skills as well as should have commitment towards the team building process.

3. Each of the members of the team should have a sense of contributing willingly for improving the efficiency of the team.

4. The team building process should ensure that the climate which exists in the team for proper communication should be a relaxed one.

5. The mutual trust among the members of the team should be present.

6. The team as well as the members of the team should be prepared for taking risks.

7. The goals as the target set for the team as well as its members should be clear.

8. The roles of the members of the team should be defined clearly to avoid role conflicts.

9. The team members should have a clear idea for examining the errors which is performed by the team or by any other member of the team.

10. The level of creativity should be high within a team.

11. The level of influence a member can exert on other team members should be defined clearly.

Team Effectiveness

The following are a few factors which can be used for the evaluation of the performance of the team members during the team building process:

Team goals – These are developed by the interaction among the members of a team. Team goals are agreements where each of the team members displays his willingness for performing a certain part of the job assigned to the team.

Participation – This is yet another golden rule of team building. Active participation by all the team members will facilitate the accomplishment of various tasks. This will also facilitate the generation of a feeling of togetherness in the team.

Feedback – This is an unavoidable part required in the process of team building. The members are given the feedback about how they are performing as well as their interaction with the other members of the team. In the same manner, the team members are requested to evaluate the performance of the other members of the team. Feedback must given in a positive fashion to ensure that the process of team building develops further.

Team Decision Making – This s a process which involves the active participation of all the team members for making a particular decision fro a certain situation.

Leadership – The level of leadership should be distributed among the members so that people will not have a tendency to develop a superiority as well as inferiority complex.

Some other features which characterize the team building process are:

1. Problem solving skills

2. Adequate level of conflict for improving the creativity

3. The level of talents, skill, experiences as well as knowledge of the team members will be high.

4. The risk taking process is enhanced during the team building process.