The Future of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Altcoins, which are other currencies like Bitcoin, have only grown in popularity since they first appeared back in January 2009. Altcoins 2016 increase in value and 2017 keeps that trend going. There are several reasons as to why cryptocurrencies are so popular. The main one is that they are safe. The system that keeps the coins working cannot be corrupted or deleted. Everything registered on the ledger will remain there until the end of the internet. All transactions are public knowledge making the system more trustworthy that traditional currencies. Moreover, the crypto value is rewarding for all the people involved. The miners get compensated, the people trading get remunerated, and the lack of central control give peace of mind to those seeking to avoid the burden imposed by central banks.

The beginnings are already well documented, but it is the future what matters. Chalmers Brown told Forbes: “I am personally excited for the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. Current innovations such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are just the beginning for this technology that can help revamp many industries. There is plenty of opportunity in this space.” So let’s try to get a glimpse at the future. People usually are curious about the question How To Make Money Day Trading For Beginners? Well the cryptocurrency trading is answer for this. There are numerous benefits earned when cryptocurrency trading takes place. Most importantly, there is relief from dealing in central banks. 

No tale about the future of cryptourrencies can start without talking about Bitcoin. Bitcoin future value is set to hit the $4000 as soon as the end of 2017 Q4 or the start of Q1 2018. This analysis has been made by several Chinese Bitcoin analysis firms, as reported by HuffPost Tech. The interesting part will be once the blockchain halves the payout rate compared to value per Bitcoin produced. The current Bitcoin market capitalisation is $41,643,902,514. Once Bitcoin becomes scarce, BTCC analyst told Forbes that projections put market cap around the 200 billion. However, that will not be the single future of Bitcoin. David Mengaldo told Forbes: “I would imagine this scenario, […] high finance will invest into the cryptocurrency. I’m thinking about 5-10 times the current price.”

The future of this currency lies in mystery. Ethereum could move away from its cryptocurrency status and be used exclusively for its blockchain. The biggest contribution that Ethereum brought are the smart contracts. “Users will use Ethereum even without knowing it. The same thing happens today when you download an app, without knowing deeply the technology used behind it,” explained Leonardo Pedretti to HuffPost Tech. That means that the future Ethereum value could increase beyond the $28 million cap it currently enjoys. As of June 2017, the Ethereum coin has no plan to go away. Ergo, it could rival Bitcoin prices shortly.

These two altcoin value seems to be increasing as of late. Most of the time new coins tend to remain in relative obscurity before disappearing from the public eye. Dash and Zcash are not those coins. Currently, Dash and Zcash have caps of $1,349,706,125 and $490,269,498 respectively. The level of anonymity that these two coins provide is essential as to why their future looks bright. No other cryptocurrencies present such level of anonymity and secrecy.

The future of the cryptocurrency market capitalisation can reach the trillion dollars soon. These four coins offer the best chances for that push to be real, but overall, there is no reason to think that the future looks quite bright.