The Ultimate Guide To Beach Camping

When it comes to beach camping there are several different aspects to it besides staying in a beach tent with sand pockets. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most important factors that you need to pay attention to as you go out to beach camping in the summers with your friends. 

Research On Your Own

Before you decide on any location, make sure that you do a little internet research on the location and learn more about the availability of fresh water along with talking to the local authorities to learn about the location that you decide on. Moreover, there are several locations that are closed during the cyclone season. 

Pick Your Shelter Wisely

Once you are ready with a location of your choice, you can start looking for a compatible shelter that you can work with. Here, you can go with floorless tents during summers as they provide perfect ventilation and shade from the sun. If you are going to a location with humid conditions, choosing a tent would be ideal for you as a tent will provide you protection from bugs and humidity. 

Sleeping Bags/Sleeping Pads

Depending on the weather, you can go with either sleeping bags or sleeping pads. If you are going to a chilly location, a sleeping bag is a much better choice. On the other hand, if you are going to sleep on the sand you can choose sleeping pads that are comparatively cheaper and will also provide you required insulation from the ground. 

Extra Items To Pack 

Besides all these basics, you also need several different items that you have to carry with you in order to ensure a pleasant stay. 

  • Ziplock Bags

In order to keep all your valuables safe from water and humidity you should carry these ziplock bags that will keep everything dry. 

  • Sunscreen

Sunburn is really common when it comes to beaches, which is why you should always carry sunscreen with you all the time. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin make sure that you apply the sunscreen every time you go out in the sun.