What is a Structured Settlement, and How Can it Help Get Me Money?

Structured settlement advertisements are splattered all over the web, all around the television and dominating radio commercials, but the advertisers don’t always explain what a structured settlement is or how you can benefit from one, so you may even be eligible to take advantage of the money-making potential of a structured settlement and not even know it yourself.

To define the term, a structured settlement is an arrangement involving money, usually a financial or insurance arrangement. The arrangement involves accepting periodic payments instead of a lump payment in a settlement of a lawsuit, usually a tort lawsuit.

A structured settlement basically means that in exchange for the claimant, who is the person who was wronged in the lawsuit, dropping the lawsuit, the defendant, who owed the claimant money in a lawsuit, agrees to make a series of payments to the claimant. Often, the claimant is someone who was hurt in an accident, and the defendant in such a lawsuit is an insurance company.

In this case, the insurance company would agree to owe the claimant the agreed amount of money over a long-term period of time. Investing in a structured settlement can be a lucrative deal for buyers. Sometimes, structured settlement buyers’ investments can garner the structured settlement investor as much 3 times as much as they originally invested.

If you are a claimant in receipt of the money involved in a structured settlement, you might find yourself in a position where you need the money from a structured settlement sooner than it will come in. In this case, you can find an investor to buy your structured settlement from you for a lower amount than the settlement is for. You will give up some of your settlement, but you will get the money immediately.

A claimant of a structured settlement might want to choose the option of selling their structured settlement if they come in to a situation where they would save a lot of money by choosing to sell the structured settlement. Most likely, the claimant would choose to sell his structured settlement if he runs into a financial emergency that would cost him more money in the long run than the sale of the structured settlement would cost him.

When the process is gone through legally, with a lawyer observing fairness on both sides, buying and selling a structured settlement can help both the seller and the buyer to achieve their financial goals. The seller wins because he gets money when he most needs it, and the buyer wins by investing in a solid money maker that gets him a great return on his investment.

Make sure that if you want to sell your structured settlement, that you do not wait until the last minute to do it. Because there is a legal process involved, buying and selling a structured settlement can be a lengthy endeavor. You will need a structured settlement lawyer, and even then, the process can take about two months.

Structured settlements can be a great way to solve financial problems, or invest for your financial future, depending on your situation at the time. You can use your settlement as an investment for several platforms. If you make sure you allow enough time for the process and get a good lawyer who will help you understand your situation, a structured settlement can be an awesome, low-risk financial option.