What is Keratin Hair Treatment? – Know about the treatment!!

Keratin is the latest buzzword of the beauty industry. A naturally occurring protein, the use of keratin in cosmetics has been embraced as a miraculous solution to hair and skin damage. As a result, keratin products and treatments are appearing on the market at an astounding rate.

But with all this new information, it can be tricky to get a handle on what keratin actually does and what beauty products contain it. Procedures known as “keratin hair treatments”, for instance, are often damaging to hair. Isn’t that the opposite of what keratin’s supposed to do? There are also a number of products of the market with ‘keratin’ featured in the name but not on the ingredient list.

Here are some answers to the fundamental questions about the use of keratin in beauty products.

It is essential to gather complete information about moroccan keratin hair treatment to have beautiful hairs. The asking of the questions is beneficial to know about the treatment. The use of the keratin products is wide with the reasonable rates. The procedure is the simple and easy one.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein, found in hair, skin and nails in humans as well as in hooves or wool in animals. It’s a protein built for strength and flexibility. Natural keratin can be soft (like in hair) or hard (like in hooves). It’s definitely a versatile material!

What does keratin do?

Keratin protects and repairs our hair, skin and nails. When added to beauty products, keratin repairs damage to hair and skin as well as protects against future damage. Hair is comprised of about 95% keratin, though much of this is lost by blow-drying, straightening and colouring. So keratin products simply replace the lost proteins, making hair soft and shiny in the process.

Is keratin safe?

As a naturally occurring protein, keratin is absolutely safe for use in hair and skin care, wound care and even as a nutritional supplement.

Is it really possible to reverse hair damage?

You may have heard that it’s impossible to undo the damage done by heat, chemicals and combing, but keratin actually can reverse damage. These treatments damage hair by stripping it of its natural keratin proteins. Because keratin products restore the proteins that are lost, it is a simple and natural solution to hair damage. As long as the keratin in your hair product has been extracted and processed to keep it as close to its original state as possible, your hair damage can be reversed.

Does keratin straighten hair?

Many people have heard of the “keratin hair treatments” that are gaining some notoriety as a powerful hair straightening procedure. However, it does not actually straighten hair. The role of keratin in so-called “keratin hair treatments” is to protect the damaged hair after the straightening agents have stripped it.

Unfortunately, some “keratin hair treatments” use harsh chemicals, like formaldehyde, as part of the process. These chemicals can be hazardous to your health and can also be too strong for your hair, even with additional keratin proteins. Often these chemicals result in hair loss or breakage. It is important to remember that this is not the result of using keratin on your hair, but rather of the harsh chemicals.

How do I know if my products contain keratin?

Just like the misleading name “keratin hair treatment”, a number of products may appear to contain it but do not. Whether or not the word ‘keratin’ is part of the product name, you should always check the ingredient list on the back to know for sure.

As you choose a product for your keratin hair treatment, make sure that the ingredient used is the real thing. Watch out for ‘hydrolyzed keratin’, which has been so heavily processed that it barely resembles natural keratin.

Instead, look for ‘keratin’ or ‘oxidized keratin’, which contain Replicine Functional Keratin protein. Extracted from pure sheep’s wool, using patented technology to preserve its natural structure, this is the best material on the market. With Replicine Functional Keratin, you know that the ingredient in your products is nearly identical to the natural keratin in your hair.