Yoni Oil: A Guide To Safely Use & Make Your Own

How do you make use of yoni oil? Well, the news is, it is relatively easy and simple. That said, prior to applying a new product to the most delicate part of your body, it is essential not to get the basic stuff for granted—like manner and where do you use it. You may consider these below-mentioned tips for optimal and safe use of the yoni oil.

Wash First

Yoni oil is used best post your bath or shower. Always make sure that the hands are washed before you apply oil.

Do not Use It Inside

Yoni oil is simply designed for the use of vulva and mons pubis (including the clits and labia), but withdraw the idea of inserting inside your vagina.

Do not Keep It Cool

Room temperature or warm yoni oil generally tends to be a lot more pleasant when compared to those kept chilled or cold. 

Start With Just a Few Drops

Especially, when are using this oil for the first time, begin with 3 to 4 drops. You either believe or not, the moment it comes to a potent essential oil, a little can really go on a long way.

Check With The Doctor In case you are On Medication

If you ever happen to be on prescribed medication or using some other herbal medications, it is smart to make sure there are no adverse interactions between any substance that may be using and your ingredients of the yoni oil ingredients 

How Do you Make Yoni Oil sitting At Home

It’s easy to make your yoni oil Sitting back home. All you require is some of your favorite essential oils alongside a little understanding of their basic properties.

  • Choose Carrier Oil
  • Choose Essential Oils
  • Combine Oils
  • Bottle And then Store Yoni Oil
  • Always Do the Spot Test

That’s all, and you are good to go using your yoni oil. Hopefully, this will work.