Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen

Whether you are thinking about painting just the walls or the entire kitchen including the cabinets, a Caribbean style kitchen is really fun and bright. Behr paint colors can be used to create a Caribbean style kitchen that is island-inspired and brings a taste of the Caribbean into your home. Here are the best Behr paint colors to use when painting the kitchen Caribbean style that you can order from at really affordable prices which will help you in changing your kitchen according to your preferences. 

Remember, these Behr paint colors can be used throughout the home to bring Caribbean style to any room. Behr paint colors can also be used to paint the kitchen cabinets and the walls to really bring out the Caribbean feel in the room. Experiment and take care in knowing that paint is the one home project that can quickly and easily transform a room into the room of your dreams on a budget!

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Poppy Glow is a bright orange that really is the Caribbean inspired. This color looks so great in the kitchen and it will really just add some inspiration to any room of the home. Think of the Caribbean flowers such as bright tropical lilies and the orange pollen that is in the centers…that’s the Behr paint color, Poppy Glow! Try using this Behr paint color on the main wall of the Kitchen or just for the knobs of the kitchen cabinets for a really Caribbean inspired accent.

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Sugar Plum is a deep and rich purple paint color from Behr paints. This color is perfect for one main wall to bring out the bright hue of Poppy Glow. It also makes a great color for a backsplash in the Caribbean style kitchen. Sugarplum also pairs well with pinks and greens for a Caribbean style bedroom or little girl’s bathroom.

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Strawberry Freeze is not the pink that you would think of when talking about strawberries. This Behr paint color is actually a nice soft green tone that is similar to the tops of the strawberry. This color is really perfect for the walls of a Caribbean style kitchen because it is bright but also a bit subdued. Paired with Poppy Glow, Strawberry Freeze adds a calmness to a Caribbean style kitchen.

Behr Paint Colors for a Caribbean Kitchen: Ultra White is the final tone from Behr for a Caribbean style kitchen. This color is white but it’s white with an attitude! Ultra White is one of the crispest and clean Behr paint colors in the collection. It’s perfect for the cabinets in the kitchen if you wish to only accent the knobs with some bright hues. Ultra White from Behr paints is like those really crisp and clean curtains that blow in the wind in a Caribbean bungalow!