Check The Description Of Each Product For Primary Ingredients Before Buying

If you or the one who will consume the candy has any allergy or intolerance to any food ingredient, you better check the description of each product you are about to order. We have special categories of candies that are supposed to meet dietary needs like sugar-free, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free sweets.

If you have any exceptional taste or preference for a type of candy, such as retro cola-flavored candy or gummies, then we probably already have that ready for you. Moreover, there is a wide variety of unpacked fudge for fudge lovers typically delivered in 250gm bags, or you can choose a pick n mix sweets bag full of fudges for any desired quantity.

Verify Your Postal Code To Check If We Are Deliverable

We realize that it is slightly disappointing, but currently, we only ship and sell in limited countries only. Thus you must check this before you spend your precious time on creating a candy pouch that whether we are deliverable at your postal code or not.

You can check that directly from the website, or we also have a responsive customer support team that can guide you through any difficulties faced during your buying experience from the website.

Fast Delivery And Secure Payments On Your Purchase

Faster delivery of these products is our main priority for which we try to dispatch your order in less than two working days and deliver it through safe and quick methods which ensure damage-proof delivery. You can pay for your orders with the secure and encrypted payment option provided on the platform itself.

Buyers can also track their orders through regular updates on the dispatch and delivery milestones provided under the order section once you make any order. We only deliver fresh candies packed in heat-sealed, air-tight pouches, which a beautiful gift wrap can accompany.