Common Lies On Relationship Sites – Learn about the lies

If you think everything you read on someone’s profile is the absolute truth, think again. In fact, ask yourself this question – do you always speak the truth about yourself on relationship sites? So how can you expect others to be honest and truthful? Let’s have a look at the most common lies on dating sites.

Make sure that there are no lies when you are making a relationship with the Top Models Netherlands and taking them on a date. The sharing of the correct and true information is necessary for the people to have success. You can get complete details about the services so that it can result in a lifetime companionship. 

Weight and height

Weight, height and looks in general are at the top of our list. While in general men tend to lie about their height, women on the other hand seem to be quite touchy about their real weight and their imagination works wonders when it comes to hiding their real weight (and making sure that their excess kilos do not even show on their pictures).

While in terms of height it is quite difficult to check until you finally meet the person face to face, when it comes to weight, this tends to be a lot easier. For example, you can ask for full length photographs or a video call. On the other hand, you can ask the person on her shopping habits or squeeze information out of her regarding her dress size for example!

Marital status/relationship status

Some unscrupulous people even use relationship sites as a way to start an extra marital affair to add some thrill to their boring married life. Or you may meet people who are still involved in their divorce procedures but will blatantly lie saying that they are already divorced.

Detecting a married man (or someone who is involved in a relationship) is easy. A married man for example has to lead a double life-playing his usual role as a husband, father, employee as well as playing single on dating sites. This means that he does not have much time at hand to spend with you. You will notice that he is always online and available to talk at specific times only and whenever you try to call him at other times, he is always busy or caught up in something else. Generally the times that he has for you are either very late at night (when his wife and kids are in bed and he is pretending to do some office work) or whenever he is at work (his wife is not around!).


Have you ever noticed how relationship sites are full of professionals and high earners? You will rarely meet an unemployed person still living with his parents! Truth is everyone is exaggerating on their earning potential and profession-the reason is quite simple, the more successful they pretend to me, the higher their chances of finding a date.

Research on dating and relationship sites demonstrates that indeed men who say they earn more have a higher probability of finding a date than those who tell the absolute truth about themselves. Again, until you meet the person, there is little you can do to find out if he is really earning as much as he claims to be. So that neurosurgeon you think you met on dating site could well in fact be the janitor at your local store!

There is no such thing as absolute honesty on dating sites. For this reason you should be cautious and on your guards whenever you are talking to someone. Take your time to know the person-online and offline-and also search for more information on your date-start by a Google search on his name, ask friends who live close to him or why not go to his place of work?