Different Types Of Entre Institute Campus

With over 175+ cities worldwide, finding the perfect campus location can be difficult. That’s why here is a list of the latest and greatest campuses so that you can hone in on your ideal destination. This institute currently offers the following campuses in South Korea, Germany, and Italy. The best part? Students at each location will receive a 100% scholarship for their first year’s tuition. This scholarship can be applied to any degree program, and you can learn more about it in one Entre Institute review.

  • Science Campus

The Entre Science campus in Seoul is located in the heart of Gangnam. This district is known for its worldwide city feel, financial district culture and proximity to South Korea’s top universities. Entre has partnered with the Illuminist Institute here, allowing students to take advantage of its global network and experience a wide range of culturally enriched courses.

  • Education Campus

The Entre Education campus is located in the heart of downtown Frankfurt, Germany. The city is home to one of the world’s top global financial hubs and provides a diverse cultural experience for students to learn from. The campus was designed with students in mind, featuring a modern study space that includes a 3D printing lab, restaurants and eateries, and a retail store and bookstore.

  • International Trade Campus

The Entre International Trade campus is located in the heart of Bologna, Italy. Famous for its medieval architecture and history, the region offers students a cultural experience unlike any other. Students will attend many lectures hosted at the EIT building itself and enjoy the proximity to several local restaurants and cafes.

Entre Institute is a place for people passionate about science, technology, and engineering. Its goal is to create a healthy and environment-friendly society by developing technologies that promote sustainability, inclusion and social justice. Recognizing the collective responsibility as a global society to address the challenges of climate change and resources depletion, Entre Institute has established sustainability goals which will be accomplished through partnerships with community groups, businesses, corporations and universities.