Egyptian Jewelry, What Is the Meaning Behind the Symbols

Common Egyptian Symbols and Their Meanings

Egyptian symbolism always has vital importance in terms of origins from ancient creation mythologies. Creation myths also bear a closeness to the symbolism for the river Nile. Besides, the ornaments also bear the symbolic representation of many more Egyptian gods and goddesses as well as the symbols representing them in the physical world. 

  • Ibis Bird

The ibis, the long-legged wading bird, had a huge importance in ancient Egyptians. It has a close relationship with the god Thoth. Thoth bears depiction with the body of a man as well as the head of an ibis. 

  • The Ibis Bird 

Popularly represented as a wading bird, the “ibis”, probes deep into the earth. This is the bird that draws the real nourishment from the locusts and crustaceans. There are plenty of traits, including getting deep intellectual nourishment.

  • Eye of Horus

This symbolization has a close relation with ancient Egyptian symbolism. That said, the Eye of Horus shows the real representation of the royal power, protection, and good health. also referred to as the Eye of Ra, holds huge importance in Egyptian mythology. The Eye of Ra has a close touch with the disk of the sun. that said, it bears the representation with the cobras that are getting coiled around the disk. Besides, it also has the white and red crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt. Part of ancient Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Ra is the symbolization of the violent force that subdues enemies. Symbol of restoration, healing, sacrifice, and protection finds much importance as a part of jewelry.

  • Scarab (Winged Scarab)

symbol of protection, resurrection, and transformation is a vital part of ancient Egypt. There is also a vital role in the short life of the scarab beetle, which shows the role of emerging from animal dung and spending short adult lives to feed young. That said, there is a representation of the beautiful message of hope for humans. Besides, it also holds the symbolic representation of the afterlife.

Final words 

It’s clear that the Ancient Egyptian symbolism is turning out to be fascinating for the fashion-loving folk and the archaeological scholars. These Egyptian mythological creatures hold significance in positively influencing lives.