Help Yourself Finding The Right Cichlid Fish- Cichlid Kinds

This guide will explain everything you require to know about finding The Cichlids, including their popular types and much more.

The African cichlids relate to the family of Cichlidae, which includes several other cichlids. They are amongst the most distinct fish species, and several species could be found in and around Africa.

Looking for African Cichlids?

There could well be above 1500 species. However, most of these are yet to be defined by scientists.

Each species posses its colors and patterns, so there’ll always be one thing that accommodates you or your tank.

How Long They Live?

It generally depends on the species, but most of them should exist for around eight years in the aquarium.

African Cichlid Kinds and Appearance

Since you know, there are plenty of Cichlids Kinds, and if one tries to describe them all, you would be reading this guide for days. So, lets take a peek at a few of the most common ones:

African Butterfly

They originate from a river of Guinea, Sierra Leone, & Liberia. The adult will stretch up to three inches and display five vertical black bar down its body’s height.

Yellow African 

Though it cannot generate electricity, this cichlid’s bright yellow color might trick you into believing so.

African Peacock Cichlid 

Twenty-two kinds of African peacock cichlids have now been described, & all from this Lake Malawi. These fishes display a spectrum of bright colors similar to a peacocks tail, therefore the name.

Well, that’s all you have here to read and learn about a few of the popular African Cichlids types, and hopefully, this guide clears all your doubts concerning¬†How to Set Up an Easy Planted Tank for African Cichlids.