Is Heat Pump a Better Option for Heating Needs?

Carbon emissions have been choking our earth for a while now. Country delegates, leaders, and activists devise plans to save the environment and reverse the damage done. As a citizen of the earth, doing our part in this regard is also essential. But this said it is impossible to stop certain activities in our daily life, like using appliances, electricity created by fossil fuels, and using vehicles. These are things that are unavoidable in life.

But now, the technology has grown, and alternate energy has come to use. The heating and cooling mechanism in the house is one of the most used appliances in residential and commercial buildings. The usage of renewable resources in these appliances can significantly help the environment. A heat pump is one such technology that has changed the energy used for heating and cooling purposes.

How does a Heat pump work?

A heat pump pumps or transfers heat from the outside source to the inside. The basic mechanics are simple, but the functionality is complicated and costly. It absorbs heat from the air at low temperatures; a compressor compresses it into liquid and transfers it inside the house, converting it into heat energy.

Cost of Heat Pumps?

Installation of soojuspumbad (heat pumps) is pricey. But it is a wise investment and would be profitable in the long run. Installation of an air heat pump ranges from $8000 to $12000, exclusive of labor costs and other variable costs. It is a one-time investment, and what you have spent on installation can be saved in the electricity bill. Also, heat pumps can be customized to work as air conditioners in hot climates. Therefore, promoting multi-functionality.


A heat pump is a good option when installing a heating system for your house, as it is energy efficient and durable. It is also eco-friendly. Consult a local heat pump installer to get a quotation on the price.