Man Quits Job Become Pokemon Hunter

Pokemon Go is an exciting treasure hunt game built around your smartphone camera. You may love playing Pokemon Go, but would you consider walking away from your job to play full time? Tom Currie is a 24-year-old man from New Zealand who has officially retired to become a full-time Pokemon hunter.

The title of Pokemon hunter may not be something he’ll want to add to his resume, but he’s taking some time off to explore. According to published interviews, he doesn’t plan on working until after he’s fully explored New Zealand. The first full-time Pokemon hunter in the world plans to use bus trips to catch all 151 Pokemon in the mobile game. If you are also crazy about the game, then these Pokemon go accounts for sale can help you kickstart your Pokemon Go career. 

What makes a true Pokemon hunter

Tom Currie may be planning on taking over 20 bus trips around New Zealand but he’ll need to know how to track Pokemon. In an interview with The Guardian, Curry was straight to the point behind the reasons why he quit his job.

“I wanted to have an adventure, I have been working for six years and I was desperate for a break. And Pokémon gave me the chance to live that dream.”

Launched July 6th, Pokemon Go allows mobile phone users to capture and catch their favorite Pokemon monsters. Enabling users to combine GPS integration with their smartphone for addicting and fun gameplay, Currie may have competition as the world’s most successful Pokemon hunter.

In the short amount of time Pokemon Go has been out, it’s already become the most popular mobile video game of all time. It’s creating millions of dollars in revenue for developer Niantic Labs, who is quickly trying to keep up with the demand. It’s become so popular in fact that there are more Android Pokemon Go users than there are Netflix subscribers.

Since then you may have seen local residents in your area trying to become the best Pokemon hunter in town. If you see people walking around in groups holding their cell phones, chances are they are playing Pokemon Go. It’s another way that smartphones are connecting us to one another, and social interaction is a growing feature of Pokemon Go.

As for Currie who quit his job to become a Pokemon hunter, he plans on sleeping on friend’s couches to save money. He may not have a true goal after his days as a Pokemon hunter comes to an end, but we salute him for his dedication.