Nutritional Facts for Your Webkinz

Webkinz are the rage for the younger set. Here are a few pointers to get around feeding your animal and keeping him happy.
Each animal has a hunger, health and happy rating. You must interact with your pet in their virtual room as well as purchase items to assist your pet. Food items are the quickest way to boost your hunger.

Thinking your animal would eat as the creature would in reality will not gain the desired results. You must think that Webkinz eat like humans do. They drink chocolate milk and eat blueberry cheesecake. And similar results happen. For example water doesn’t help with hunger necessarily but it is healthy for us, same for Webkinz.

The hunger rating is indicated at the bottom of the screen near the image of your pet. It is the last slider bar with the silverware and the word “hunger”. When this number gets below 40, your pet will begin to feel ill, it is suggested you purchase food and feed your virtual pet. Once done, the indicator numbers will improve.

So what are the best food purchases for your money? Typically those with a higher price point will bring a higher hunger boost. Some suggestions would be a Burger, it costs 12 Kinzcash but it brings 10 Hunger boost points. Carrot cake is very expensive at 25 Kinzcash and brings 10 hunger boost points. Chicken nuggets cost 13 and bring 9. Fish sticks cost 12 and bring 10. Hot Dogs cost 10 and bring 7. Macaroni and cheese cost 10 and bring 9. Spaghetti costs 16 and brings 12.

Not all high priced food items bring the best results. Pancakes, which cost 10 Kinzcash only bring 6 hunger boost points. Sushi is another example where it costs 15 but only brings 6 points.

Not all food gives positive results. While most food brings some level of hunger boost. A few do not. Those are marshmallows, candy canes, phantom pops, pumpkin pops, ramen noodles, and vitamins. Some of these items do boost happiness or health.

Beware that some foods bring a negative result. While not in the hunger category, it is present in the health and happy categories. Broccoli costs 5 Kinzcash, gives 2 hunger boost, 4 health boost but take away 1 happy boost. Chocolate bars cost 5 and give 2 hunger, -1 health and 3 happy points. Those additional food items that take 1 away from the health boost are cream soda, fudge, marshmallows and toffee. The food item that takes away from the happy boost is broccoli -1. There are many food items that add nothing to health or happy points.

Foods that don’t add to the health boost points are cake, candy cane, cherries, chocolate milkshake, chocolate pudding, cola, cookies, cupcake, French fries, fruit punch, honey, hot chocolate, hot dog, ice cream cone, jelly, lemon meringue pie, licorice, licorice bats, lollipop, orange pop, peppermints, phantom pop, pink lemonade, popsicle, potato chips, pretzels, pumpkin pop, ramen noodles, root beer, super Mega Toothbuster and Webkinz crackers. You’ll notice a trend here. These items are mostly junk food. There are lessons to learn while having fun in Webkinz World.

Those items that do not add to your happiness boost points are apple, asparagus, baked potato, bread, candy cane, carrots, cheese, granola cereal, milk, mushrooms, oatmeal, orange, orange juice, papaya, peach, pear, phantom pop, pumpkin, pumpkin pop, ramen noodles, salad, spaghetti, tomato, tomato soup, vitamins and white rice. These seem a little more subjective than those that don’t benefit the health boost but still good to know if you are trying to make the best purchases with your Kinzcash.