Pokemon- Children’s Fantasy

This article is going to stir the imagination of many folks that are avid lovers of pokemon, which is saying something considering the global popularity that the Pokemon franchise has enjoyed not just as a game but the animated TV series as well.

The characters like Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Brock and others have acquired iconic status with North America continuously showing reruns of the series time and time again.

Nowadays you can simply buy pokemon go account online and get fixated on the screen for hours where you can learn new tips and tricks to make it an enjoyable venture but today we shall discuss about snipe pokemon go where you can understand the level of pokemon beyond children’s fantasy.


It is necessary to mention the background about sniping where you enter any virtual location in your quest for capturing the pokemon but bear in mind that the location is far from your basic area as the levels ahead are quite difficult to manage.

Then comes the camping part where you have to pitch yourself away from the prying eyes of the enemy as you can be exposed as a sniper where you can reduce the risks of getting banned.

For sniping pokemon without getting banned, you just have to take your Apple phone and connect it to your PC following which you click ‘start’ that pops up in the main window.

The map pops up in front of you that reveal your present location but sometimes the location might not be accurate so you need to press ‘center on’ that will eventually show the location correctly.

Then comes the ‘teleport’ icon that is found on the right hand corner at the top where you can enter your preferential location and click on ‘search’ and then you can get the other locations that will show up on the screen.