Quick Tips to Losing Some Weight For The Summer

OK summer is coming up soon and you managed to let yourself go throughout the winter, here are few quick tips to get you in shape for swimsuit season.
1. Cardio- Do not neglect this ever, even if you are not trying to lose a lot of weight cardio is very important to maintaining a healthy body and good metabolism, if your already doing cardio go ahead and try doubling the amount your doing at least every other day, so if you do 15mins a day now try for 30 mins tomorrow then go back to 15 then 30 the following day. If you are not doing cardio, then following your workout hop on a elliptical for a few minutes 10-15 and see how you feel, do this every day and gradually build up to a healthy 30 mins a day.

2. Weight Training- Always do it, Always even if you are a girl, I know that many females say I don’t want to be buff, and even a few guys are afraid to lift because they don’t want to look like a professional bodybuilder. Here is the truth you are not going to buff out if you lift a few days a week, you are going to gain healthy muscle and a lean physique, unless your eating 6000 calories a day. If you really are afraid your going to gain to much muscle or don’t want to look weak lifting small weights in the gym, then either use machines or better yet find out the max weight you can lift and do big reps of half that, so say you can curl 30lbs, then grab a 15lb dumbbell and do about 5 sets of 20 reps. This will build lean mass and help you burn calories with your new found lean muscle.

3. Nutrition, and finally its time to eat right, first thing is first no more fast food, I know if your in college this will be hard but learn to live with it go to the store get yourself some meats and veggies and cook your own meals. Not only is it much cheaper but you can control whats in your food. Next up no more soda,energy drinks, or lattes/cappuccinos, or any other sugar enhanced coffee contraptions I know many people think coffee drinks are OK because they are coffee and coffee speeds up your metabolism, however basically any coffee drink except regular coffee or espresso are loaded with calories, sugar, and ab blocking fat. Same with soda and energy drinks, if you really want them stick to diet versions of your favorite soda or energy drink. The third step, no more bread/pasta/pizza/wings/tacos or anything else that is your standard “drunk munchies”, furthermore you have got to drop the alcohol out of your diet, I know this is hard (I am in college too don’t worry) but if you still want to get a little rowdy stick to liquors and tonic water they have less calories then beer, and if you must drink beer limit yourself to 4-5 drinks and only drink once or twice a week.

Well that about does it, not really a workout guide here just some tips to help you slim down for that summer vacation.