Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank Podcast

In order to understand why you need to begin listening to the awesomeness that is The Drunk Tank right thi s very second, you first need to understand the parties involved:

Burnie Burns is aggressive, but fair. When he begins speaking, the others stop talking and listen to him-something that can’t always be said of the other contributors. He has a fantastically dynamic voice, of which he uses the full range. In most popular opinions, he is a stand-out contrarian. He seems to hate virtually every movie he sees and is often severely frustrated by the video game industry-the very existence of which makes Burns career possible.

Geoff Ramsey served five years in the military, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he talks. Or looks. At the same time, he’s also a skater punk who grew up, got married, had a kid, and settled into a pretty comfortable lifestyle that-although he does put in the hours-allows him to drink… Every. Day. When he quit cold turkey in November, Burnie seriously worried that Geoff’s body would seize to function.

Gus Sorola sounds like the nerd you went to high school with. And, with the exception of a super cute wife and one of the largest corners of the online video market cornered, he is. He is also “in charge” of the podcast, so he threatens the use of his ability to delete portions of the recording-if he doesn’t like where the conversation is going.

Joel Heyman often says things that are incredibly enlightened. He also says things that are incredibly retarded, a fact that he is reminded of in most of the user-submitted theme songs. He shares this seemingly idiot savant-like condition with the character he plays in the groups’ hugely popular web series, Red vs. Blue.

At least three of these four, often with some combination of guests including other members of the Rooster Teeth office, record an hour(ish) long Podcast weekly that they refer to as the “Drunk Tank.” It’s a bit of a misnomer, as the group usually records on Tuesday mornings. There have been exceptions.

If you’ve ever seen Red vs. Blue, you already know that these guys are seriously funny. The humor is geeky enough to appease the original nerd fans but incorporates enough dick and fart jokes (which is what the series was founded on) to give the masses something to enjoy. So I was not at all surprised to find that all of them are in fact very funny in person. Probably funnier.

Topics on the Drunk Tank steer from the nerdiest of the nerd – World of Warcraft – to discussing college football. A mention of what might be THE nerdiest thing to discuss led to Burnie unhooking his microphone and storming away. Geoff often unspools tales of his days in the military, which seems to appeal to the Rooster Teeth online community. A constant source of amusing discussion is the achievement point meta-game that exists in every Xbox 360 game.

The broadcast contains explicit language, so don’t expect to play it for your mom. But anyone even slightly plugged into the internet and/or the gaming community should be listening to this Podcast, posting it on Facebook, Twittering about it, and…whatever else the kids are doing these days, as Burnie Burns might say.