Some Tips Which Will Help You In Winning Chicken Dinner In Pubg

PUBG is a battle game that has become famous in recent years. Its features are so much cool and fantastic that it will give you a realistic feeling of killing your opponents. This is a futuristic game as it has all the possible features which the best game includes in it. Its features include types of modes, types of equipment, graphics, passes, tournaments, etc. These features will make you fall for this game. This game can be played on any device. Besides all this, some tournaments are also held for this game, making your experience mind-blowing for this game. You just need to join online pubg Tournaments tournamentsSome of the tips are also there, which you should learn for making the game more interesting for yourself. Let’s discuss them.

Terrain area is a good cover than the building or wall

Hiding behind the bushes and trees is a better idea than the buildings and walls. This is because, as we see, the soldiers have worn camouflage clothes which have a similar colour to the bushes and trees. The character also has the same clothes in the game, which helps him in looking less in the terrain area.

  • Don’t hide in the grass

Never hide behind the grass as you can be seen quickly behind it. This is because the grass is very short, and anyone can be seen easily behind it. So, if you will hide in it, the opponent will see you easily, and you will be killed.

  • Don’t leave level three helmet

The level three helmet is one of the best pieces of equipment in the game as it has so many benefits. Level three helmet and vest is the highest level of equipments, and one should never leave them as they can protect them by dying. The main reason behind this is, this helmet will always save you from the headshot of the gun M24, and it is the only protective gear that is eligible in doing so.