The Mystery Behind the Hidden Life Wiki

If you know about only one searching website, i.e., Wikipedia, this article will be interesting for you. Today, you will learn about an alternative to it, the Dark web. It is a part of the internet where most people do illegal work. And for searching into this web, there are many ways and, one such way is the Hidden Wiki. The Hidden Wiki is accessible through the Onion Router (TOR) browser. Look at the other parts of it in detail.

Where is Hidden Wiki operated?

The hidden life wiki runs at the onion website. Onion is designed mainly for the Hidden Wiki. But, it is only accessible to the TOR browser. You can only say that the Hidden Wiki is a collection of websites. Connect to DuckDuckGo through the TOR website and search for the hidden Wiki. Your internet activities do not get monitored since the onion links are in linkage to the TOR browser. There is no organization spying on your searches.

Is hidden Wiki safe for using?

People prefer to use the hidden Wiki because they can do their secret or illegal work there. Any work such as money laundering and cyber attacks, everything gets done there without any risk. But, if we talk about its good side, you can use it for your educational purposes. On the dark web, no site will show results like the DuckDuckgGo. Thus, it becomes difficult for you to search for anything and enter the wrong places. So, for these reasons, the Hidden Wiki is a better option. It is the dark web encyclopedia where you can search for anything through the TOR browser.

Final words 

After hearing about the illegal works done there, you might think whether the site is legitimate or not. The Hidden Wiki is unlawful in some countries. But, if you want to misuse it, it is open to all. However, it is better to use it for good rather than harm others.