Want To Make A PokéStop Request? You Can Now Do It At Level 38

Pokemon Go dropped in 2016 and took the world up by a storm. People were catching those little pocket monsters and raiding the gym right, left, and center. And what’s more is that the game’s fan base is still going strong, and that’s because Niantic keeps rolling out new features that keep the players glued to their devices. But the most recently added characteristic of requesting a pokéstop is what got several players excited. But what is this feature?

What is a pokéstop submission request?

A pokéstop is like a hotspot for the players that appear like a blue disc stand. It can get spun every few minutes as long as a player is within the range of the pokéstop. When a player rotates the pokéstop, they receive game items like pokéballs, pokemon berries, special evolution items including sun stones, king’s rock, metal coat, and others. Moreover, a player can also develop a streak by spinning pokéstops every day.

But initially, pokéstops were scarce, which is why Niantic introduced this feature of pokéstop request submission where players that have reached a certain level in the game can submit requests to get pokéstops developed near them, which helps them cut down on travel.

What was the change made in the pokéstop submission request?

Initially, when the feature rolled out, only players on level 40 could submit these requests. But soon, players and Niantic realized that reaching level 40 was more troublesome than said. That is why players requested Niantic to lower the level requirement for pokéstop submission requests.

After a few weeks of wait, Niantic rolled out an update in which players of level 38 and higher could now submit pokéstop requests and get new nearby pokéstops. And if a player does not want to struggle from level 0, they can purchase an already leveled up account from https://pokemongoaccshop.com/.