Ways To Enhance Patient Communication As A Medical Student

Communicating with the patients should be one of the primary goals of a doctor. During their training period, every medical student is imparted with this special training. Throughout their career, doctors have been improving and building their communication skills with patients. Communicating with patients is considered to be one of the most important parts of medical studies. When physicians communicate better with the patients, it leads to a better understanding and satisfaction. 

Tips to improve communication with patients

There are medical video lectures that talk a lot about doctor-patient communication. The communication should be such that the patients can trust the doctors with their health concerns. Unfortunately, some health problems are such that the patients cannot open up in front of their doctors. However, with the right communication skill, the physician can make the patients feel comfortable. So, it is essential to understand what the patient is going through. Some of the tips that can help doctors enhance and improve better communication with the patients as a medical student are: 

  •     Introducing yourself

As a medical representative, you need to introduce yourself to the patient. Start by telling your name and ensure that your patients are comfortable. 

  •     Stop being too technical

Try to speak in layman’s language without being too complicated and technical about the physical problems. The discussion, then, would be better and from both sides. 

  •     Show empathy

Empathize with your patients more so that they can be more adaptable with you. A good physician should be able to attend to the requirements and queries of the patients. 

  •     Explain better

To make sure that your patients have understood every word you have uttered, ask them about it more. Then, if they are confused, explain them better. 

  •     Be honest and respectful

As a medical representative, you need to be truthful and respectful towards your patients. This can ensure a better relationship with your patients. 

Even if you are a doctor, you should not use an authoritative tone with your patient. Instead, it would be best if you were supportive and attentive to all the needs that your patients might require.