Webkinz Cheat Codes…Is There Such a Thing?

I have become familiar with the ever so popular Webkinz about a year ago. At my daughter’s birthday party a young boy was so excited that he had given her two of the popular pets. I was clueless; to me I looked at two stuffed animals. My daughter looked at them all so differently. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to get home and register them online.

Once we got home we immediately went to the computer. You have to tell the sex of the animal and the name you want to give it. You have to punch in a special code that is uniquely giving to each and every webkinz pet. After you have given your pet a name and adopted it, the pet will come alive in the virtual world. Your pet will be given a room that you need to decorate. Rooms can be added for each pet along with outside gardens. Each pet starts with so much money and once it is gone you will need to earn more by playing games, answering questions, and various different tasks.

My daughter is up to eleven webkenz pets and she has learned a lot about taking care of her pets. The first thing my daughter does with her pets is take them to the doctor. She works at a job and loves to answer questions at Quizzy. The questions at Quizzy are about language, social studies, math, science, and etc. Some may see it as a child being on the computer too long but I see it as my daughter learning and being responsible for keeping her pets happy, healthy, and feed. My daughter’s pets are never below 96, 100 being the best. No she only spends less than one hour on the computer a day.

I do not understand about these secret cheat codes I have heard about. My opinion about these cheat codes is it is down right wrong to encourage children to use. What is there for a child to accomplish if the cheat codes just give the points out like their nothing? I know how this might be fun to get all these points to add up but what would be left to accomplish yourself. You apparently could buy any household item that your virtual pet would like to have, along with outfits and garden supplies. If cheat codes are really accessible than I think that children of all people should greatly be discouraged from unlocking them. This is actually encouraging children to hack and steal which is wrong.

Maybe some feel that cheat codes are no big deal and that I may be over reacting but when it comes to teaching children right from wrong than I feel that I am being reasonable on the subject.